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Days of Wine and Blogging

Eyes_on_the_world It's live, it's real and it's well worth your time. Liz Strauss, she of the excellent blog: Successful and Outstanding Blog(gers)... has posted a list of blogs that will keep you chained to your computer, reading and reading and reading.

The idea was to showcase 260 blogs. That's right. It's not a typo: 260 blogs. Outstanding blogs. All you had to do (and I did) was send your link with a description and some bloggy advice. That, in and of itself, is worth a visit - the advice is stellar and will help you improve your own blog.

Over at, eeUs (Remarkable Parents) interviewed Liz to get the real dirt where Liz admits it took her "about 2.5 hours to stamp all the blogs and get them up."

I'm in there. Others you know are in there. More importantly, you get to meet Liz and hundreds of NEW blogs...enjoy!


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Colonel Tribune

Liz is one of Chicago's social media stars, and when it comes to her endeavors, she puts forth the time and effort that makes them worthwhile for others.

But wine and blogging seem to go together like...Gary Vaynerchuk and a video camera.

Busby SEO Challenge

Nice Post. this is a great it.. thanksBusby SEO Challenge

Liz Strauss

Every now and then, I get some "clever" idea and it turns out to be WAY more work than I ever suspected . . . you'd think I'd learn. It was great to have all of the folks there talking and commenting on each other's blogs. Next time I want to have it set up so that I can join in. This dinner party found me stuck in the kitchen. That was my biggest learning. :)

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