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McDonald's Connects Brand through Sponsorship of Summer Olympics Games in Beijing

The Olympic Games are back this summer which are helping to again bring out our country's sense of patriotism which we can really use a good dose off right now. We're able to watch some of the Olympic trials on TV and we're hearing and reading more and more about... Read more →

Andy Sernovitz: Blogs, Buzz and A Crash Course on WOM

In my travels during the last four plus years that I've been blogging about marketing to women online, I've met some impressive folk. One of the most impressive is Andy Sernovitz - formerly of Word of Mouth Marketing Association, a place (and concept) I talk about regularly and recommend regularly.... Read more →

Where Viral Marketing is NOT Going - or
Who Really Finds This Funny?

I was at the Microsoft Advertising site,"Inspiration Anyone?" taken there by Dave Young, someone I admire and... I was pretty surprised at the video you see below. Note that Dave was showing an updated version of last year's "The Break Up" viral video, where the clear disconnect between advertiser and... Read more →

Blogger Relations: What are they and why do they matter?

As the blogosphere grows and grows, the idea that most blogs are useless chatter gains popularity. I bristle at this description because bloggers who write about family, health or travel plans have a place in the blogosphere, and should not be discounted just because they aren't joining a political discussion... Read more →