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That Pesky Demographics Problem in Marketing

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter

First, let's list the facts of me, the female customer:

1. I'm 50.
2. I loathe reality television shows.
3. I have little patience with (or interest in) celebrity trials and tribulations. 
4. I never liked what I knew of Tori Spelling - particularly in her role on Beverly Hills 90210.   
5. I knew little and cared less about her current husband.
6. I  don't consider myself a "baby person."  They're cute, but...
7. I don't like, for the most part, "women television" networks, such as Lifetime and Oxygen. 
8. I find most child-related events (such as birthday parties) deadly boring.    

Torianddean And, yet...I've fallen for Tori & Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood, which is a hit with the 18 to 49 year-old woman demographic for the (aargh) Oxygen network. 

Every Tuesday, I'm there, to watch them deal with their celebrity trials and tribulations, including their two babies.  And, their son, Liam, is ABSOLUTELY adorable (see #6 above.) I enjoyed watching his one-year birthday party.

But, why?  Beats me (and I analyze customer behaviors for a living).  My best guess is that - gosh darn it, Tori and Dean are likeable, and they seem to like each other. Did I mention their son is cute? Tori seems as down-to-earth as someone can be with her life.  She loves dogs.  She seems to work hard.  AND Liam is adorable (oops, I already said that, didn't I? See #6 above again.) Heck, Tori's adorable (even though I know of all that cosmetic surgery), even pregnant.

None of this, however, means that I'd stampede to the box office to watch a movie with either Tori or Dean.  Or, that I'll buy her book, or that I'd buy anything associated with, or recommended by T&D.  And, I still avoid reality television shows. 

So, there you go.  You simply can't put potential customers in boxes.  We tend to confound you (and ourselves.)  Go figure!

(Blog bowler tip to Michele Miller for coming up with "female customer" to replace "marketing to women." Puts things in a whole different perspective.)   


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Mary Schmidt

Well, we humans are an absurd lot aren't we?

After all, Life is too important to be taken seriously.

Ardith Lowell

LOL, Mary. Thank you for your honesty, sense of humor, and ability to have wonder about yourself and human behavior generally. Regards, Ardith

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