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Want to 'Achieve Brand Integrity'?

By Guest Blogger, Robbi Hess

Who is responsible for helping your company achieve brand integrity? The CEO? The marketing manager? The person who answers the phone or greets the customers when they walk in the door? If you chose all of the above, then you move to the front of the class!

Brand_integrity_2 In his book, Achieve Brand Integrity, author Gregg Lederman, offers "10 truths about profitable branding," shows the reader how to embrace them, implement them, and reap the rewards in the form of higher profit margins.

With brand integrity, Lederman writes, "it's the point where your company achieves its desired brand image -- when employees, customers, partners, and the market understand, believe, and experience that you are who you say you are."

What makes Achieve Brand Integrity different is that for every "truth" it offers, it backs that up with action items and solutions.

Through personal experience, the author leads the reader on a journey to take what he or she has in place at his or her company, drill down to the root cause and begin the process of making changes that will propel the company to a higher level of profitability.

Branding, he writes, is one of "today's most overused and abused buzzwords." There are currently more than 4,000 books, articles, and websites that discuss the topic, yet few offer a true understanding of what a brand is, let alone how to brand an organization.

The book, which is illustrated with graphics, challenges, and solutions is aimed for business leaders, not for mid-level managers. The reason being that business leaders, Lederman writes, are the only ones who can truly invest in and successfully execute a profit-driving brand strategy.

If you are a business leader whose company is either faltering toward setting itself apart from the competition or a leader who wants to propel his or her organization to the next level, Lederman's book will offer practical, actionable steps toward achieving your own brand itegrity.


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