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Ford Motor Company's 2009 Model Year Product Program

Fordlogo Here we are, in Dearborn, MI! The trip was really uneventful. Good weather, good listening (learning  how to speak better in public), no traffic.

Seems incredible but it's true. Even as we arrived in Dearborn and encountered a detour, there was only a moment of panic. The road signs got us where we needed to be and we are now in the Dearborn Inn...happily relaxing before dinner.

Once we arrived, we picked up our welcome packet from Ford and they have a whole day of excitement set for tomorrow. (naturally there will be food... I'll let you know how good it is!)

Looks like we'll be divided up into groups - then go into rotation for Quality and Safety, track experience, and something called "Green and Smart."

Have not seen the other bloggers...but expect to meet new friends at dinner tonight. Now, it's time for a short break. The Inn is delightful, very historic and quaint. I wish we could stay for the whole week!

So, I wonder which model car I'll get to drive tomorrow? TTFN!


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Yvonne DiVita

Dave, thanks for stopping by. Wish we'd had time to chat at the event but it was go, go, go all day long.

I had a blast! How about you? Watch this space for my "series" on Ford. There is so much info, I cannot do it all in one post. (I found you on Twitter... look for me: y2vonne)


Glad to see you were able to make the event, I'm one of the other bloggers there as well. I don't think we've met, but maybe during today's event :) I'm one of the "younger" guys, have a great time today!

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