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Eyes_on_the_world I am currently reading a number of books - do you do that, too? Read several books all at once? I crawl into bed at night, usually exhausted from a day spent on the phone, or blogging and Twittering, or -- horror of horrors! -- attending meetings, and I struggle to pick just the right book to help me unwind.

I'm not a bubble-bath kinda gal. I mean, TV and movies would have you believe that bubble baths are the be-all and end-all of relaxation techniques for women, but...I bet there are a few more out there like me. Water and Yvonne just don't mix, bubbles or no bubbles!Soapbubbles

So, I wanted to share an important book with you today. Women, as everyone knows, are the caretakers of hearth and home, of backyard and garage, of attic and basement... all in all, we manage just about everything in the household. I hope you all know that we use the same products at work, that we use at home, given the chance.

This is not about's about...our health. That's right: OUR health. We get so busy taking care of all of the above, we often forget about ourselves.

If you would sell to us, show us you are concerned about our health, and here's how.

Janet Horn, M.D. and Robin H. Miller, M.D. got together and wrote a book called The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife & Beyond and I got a copy of it for free! I plan on interviewing one or both of the authors down the road, but for now, I wanted to make mention of this book because the topic is so important.

As noted above, we ladies often neglect our health because we're so busy taking care of family, at home and at work. Men do this, also...but, they have us to nag them to the Dr. when we think it's necessary. Who nags us? No one. (if your man is nagging you, listen to him - you'd expect him to listen to you!)

So, if you're like so many women, or if you know your women clients as well as you think you do, having a copy of this book around could be a life-saver. The dedication tells the story well, "This book is dedicated to our greatest teachers: our patients." (I learned well that women Drs really take their cues from their patients when I published Dr. Stephanie Siegrist's book, Know Your Bones. She is exactly like that - and now that she's treating my dislocated shoulder, I'm learning even more about her great patient care.)

Smartwomansguide Anyway, let me share a little bit of the table of contents, today. This is not a book that I can do a one-post review's that important. Watch for more info on it, as the weeks unfold.

The table of contents starts with: "How to Keep Your Memory Vivid and Stay Stroke-Free"... hello, any baby boomers out there? Is this not THE worry on your mind? It is for me.

Chapter Two is: "How to Keep Your Sight, Hearing, and Balance Intact"

Chapter Three: "How to Keep Your Heart Healthy and Happy"

There are 15 Chapters, so we'll stop here, for today. This is content that every woman should have. YOU can share it by getting the book and having it in your waiting room. Or talking about it on your website or in your newsletter. If you're a woman, you can buy two for you and one for your sister or best friend. (or your Mom?)

Helping us take charge of our health is a great way to begin relationships that will blossom, and help you make sales. Hey, if you care about me, I'm likely to care about you. And, if I care enough, I'll not only buy from you, I'll bring all my friends to buy from you, too.

Here's to a healthy weekend.


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