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My IZEAFest "Hangover"

by Guest Blogger, Lena West, Chief Social Media Strategist at xynoMedia

No rants this week...nothing but blue skies, smiles and rainbows (literally!)...

IzeafestI spent this past weekend speaking at IZEAFest in sunny, beautiful Orlando. The weather was fabulous and although I was mall-hopping with my friend (Sorry SLACKERS [my team's name]) when IZEAHunt (IZEAFest's version of a scavenger hunt) and the IZEA cake plow was going on, I had an absolute BLAST.

First, it was good to see Ted, Ashley, Peter, Dan and Veronique again. I also got to meet David Brim along with a bunch of new IZEAites.

And, as usual, I learned a few things about people - especially other "business" women (when it becomes available, watch the video footage of the panel I was on at the conference - Social Networking - and you'll see what I mean!)...


  1. People hear what they want to hear no matter what I say. It does not matter one iota how I phrase things, people think that what I say about myself and my actions means I think they should act how I act and do what I do. When that happens, I personally think it's their own insecurity talking for them.
  2. People assume they know everything about you just because they've read your bio and you're on stage. If you don't know the flavor, stay out of the Kool-Aid. Gosh, how must Oprah feel?
  3. People take things REALLY, REALLY personally if you disagree with them. A word of advice, if this is you (and it used to be me), read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz now if not sooner.
  4. I really, really like Merlin Mann's style. He's what's up. (Sorry for the blurry pic, Merlin.)

I've said it before, and I'll repeat it again: If you understand sociology, you'll understand social media. I'm always interested to see how much of what I know about people translates directly to the social media jet set.

And, oh, yeah...the rainbow...

My friend and I were buying down the mall. We were on the way from one mall to another and I look out of the window and see this GORGEOUS full-on rainbow (at one point it was a double rainbow). I snapped a pic. When was the last time you've seen a TRUE rainbow in the sky? Life is good.


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Lena L. West


It was good meeting you as well!

I totally owe you a reply email - soon, soon, I promise!

Thanks for letting me know you're going to be at AdTech. I'm going to be on my annual silent retreat during that time, but I'm sure our paths will cross soon!

Be well and thanks for reading and commenting!

David Brim

Hi Lena,
It was awesome meeting you at IZEAFest. Hopefully we'll see each other again sometime soon. We're exhibiting at AdTech in Ny the first week of Nov. If your there swing by and say what's up.

Hope all is well


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Cheryl Miller

Hi Lena - thanks for sharing part of your Orlando experience. Sounds like the conference was fun - and interesting. I like your unique perspective on things. Cheryl

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