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Networking in the Social Media Age

Straight from the incomparable Debbie Weil of BlogWrite for CEOs, we have this video of the good Seth Godin (in new, exciting, green glasses...as if his bald head isn't enough to grab our attention), discussing "The Right Way to Use Social Networking for Your Business."

Deb was the the Inc. 5000 conference sponsored by AmEx OPEN (man, I wish I'd been there - Deb reports that a question about customer service Tom Peters "prompted a screaming match" between Seth and Tom. Would doesn't want a vidoe of that? Raise your hands...yep, I see'em. All of'em. You'll have to be happy with this video - does this describe you, online?

(do scroll down the page and see Tom Peters admit that blogging has changed his life; "If you're not blogging, you're an idiot," he said. Allan Weiss, are you listening? To those who don't know, Allan says consultants shouldn't blog. Hmmm...Allan or Tom...who to believe?)


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Teresa Morrow

SO great! It is about GIVING to others and bringing VALUE!

Love it!


Teresa Morrow

Kelly Mullaney

Excellent statement from Mr. Godin.
It is so simple and obvious, yet it is easy to get caught in the lights with self promotion and forget about the basics: "How can I help YOU?"

Phil Gerbyshak

Another bit of genius from Seth. Thanks for sharing it.

"Don't friend people just to friend them. Friend them because you can HELP THEM."

Awesome advice! Thanks for sharing this Yvonne!

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