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Twittering Your Life Away: Not!
Why I Twitter

Not very long ago, one of my BBBF, Susan Getgood, nudged me to start using Twitter. I admit openly that I a gentle nudge was not enough. "What," I asked Susan, "do I need with another social media tool? I have enough to do just keeping up with blogging and... Read more →

Confessions of a Back-To-School Marketing Mom

Well I now have survived my first full week without our oldest daughter, Kelsey, at home and she survived her first full week as a freshman at NYU learning how to get around the campus as well as Manhattan. We dropped her off last Sunday along with many other parents... Read more →

The Customer is Always Right - At Least, She Used to Be

Back in the day -really BACK in the day, when customer and merchant were always face2face - retailers had a saying. It went something like this, "The customer is always right." Whatever happened to that saying? Why isn't the customer always right, anymore? If this User-Generated, Social Media, Twittery world... Read more →

Leadership Excellence: Who has it? How do you get it?

Leadership Excellence...what is it? Is it attainable? Do YOU have it? Isn't leadership excellence what the political campaigns going on all over the U.S. are all about? Aren't we looking for really good, no...GREAT... leadership in our President as well as all other members of our political process? Does great... Read more →