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Sharing the Link Love in September

Eyes_on_the_world This is one of those days where you start to pull your hair out by the roots, around 9:30!!!

On the one hand, it's a beautiful day outside - so sunny and bright and not too hot, that it helps me remember why I like Fall better than any other season. On the other hand, I'm chained to my computer, trying to get stuff done but constantly interrupted by phone calls or business issues, or Twitter notes I can't ignore! Oy vey! (and I'm not even Jewish!) AND... the computer is misbehaving! I've rebooted 5 times, already!

Since I cannot write a great post today, though I have a whole lot of content to share, let me do this... let me create a great Link Love Post for you to click away at.

#1: Andy Sernovitz, who has been extremely good to me, has a fab research slide on hiWomentalkingsecretlys blog, GasPedal, that says, "Women Actively Spread WOM." As if! And, just as delicious, if that's possible, is the offer of Scholarship $$ to help charitable orgs and independent bloggers. Deadline is TODAY! Sorry for my late announcement but, I am having computer issues!!!

#2 Are you part of a working family in America? Of course you are! Therefore, this next link may be of  great interest to you: Working Families Win. It's "a project of Americans for Democratic Action... empowering working families around the country." I don't think it has anything to do with the political issues, other than these folks are interested in who gets elected, the same as you and I are interested. Check'em out and let us know what you think.

#3 The date for Unleashing Ideas is coming fast!!! I have a logo link to this site in my sidebar, so feel free to click that, also. This is for Global Entrepreneurship. "Millions of Young People around the world joining a growing movement to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity." 

Watch the video trailer ...and know that the EVENT is November 17th - 23rd. Imagine it: YOU and thousands of others, participating in new ideas. Wow!


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