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Mommy and Daddy Bloggers: Why They ARE Your Market

Eyes_on_the_world Let's jump on the Marketing to Women Online band wagon, shall we?

We're all shaking in our boots today due to the unfortunate economic circumstances brought on by...unscrupulous executives at banks and in the government (see how I'm being 'nice'...other gals are not being so nice, and kudos to them!). Did you wake up this morning wondering how this is all going to turn out? And, how, exactly, it will affect you and your business?

I don't have those answers. No one does. No one but YOU! How you proceed, today and each day forward, will determine how you and your business survive this chaotic mudslide.

And, that's where the Mommy and Daddy bloggers come in. I don't care what you sell, or how niche-focused you are -- the Mommy and Daddy bloggers are the best marketing resource you will ever have because --- wait for it --- okay, here it is: THEY produce the Word of Mouth you need to get your business in front of the right people.

A week ago the eBusiness Association here in Rochester, NY held a day long seminar on social media. I was privileged to be a presenter at that event. As I alway do, I focused on ONE specific target in social media, the ONLY one that matters. After showing the audience the power of social media and blogging (showing some Google screen shots of how high in the search engines my blogs come...on page 1 - for certain keywords I have identified as my focus), and after telling the Cookie Lady Story, I ended with theseCookielady words,

"It isn't about the technology. It isn't about the tools. It isn't even about the's about the people."

When you think "people" there is no other option than to picture Moms and Dads, the men and women who do the shopping in every household in this country. Not all of them are biological parents. But, every woman and every man is connected to family, in one way or another! The ones who blog about that - are also blogging about you and your products or services.

Or, are they? Are they blogging about your competitors, instead?

Are they in the dark as far as knowing who you are and where you are online?

HOW are you connecting with them, today...right now?

Andy Sernovitz is holding a Word of Mouth Crash Course in November. Check it out. He isn't focused on the Mommy and Daddy bloggers, as I am...he's focused on the power of Word of Mouth - which I say is dominated by the Mommy and Daddy bloggers, and which he will show you has more power than anything else you do. Regardless of WHO is dominant in WOM (bloggers, Twitterers, offline conversations, luncheons, dinner meets, etc), WOM is THE best way today to market your business.

Get in front of those Mommy and Daddy bloggers and court them. Don't think that means sending them $$ or gifts. Not so. It means - getting to know them and opening yourself up so they can get to know you. We know that consumers trust each other more than anyone else (the expression used is "people like me.") In the techo-world of 2008, your customers are using social media to create the word of mouth you need by talking to each other and to other bloggers who are - just like them.

A BtoB article, with a quote from my BBFF Susan Getgood, recently noted that "Customers expect companies to have role in social media"... with this stat, "60% of U.S. respondents interact with companies on social media Web sites and 93% believe a company should have a presence in social media."

Why? Word of mouth. And, knowing the company is willing to interact with its customers.

If you're doing it now, get moving and do more. If you're not doing it now, START today. Or, those Mommy and Daddy bloggers looking for your products and services online will...ask their BBFF and she'll tell go somewhere else.


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There is so much truth to this! I believe that word of mouth is far more powerful than any form of advertisement. And I can say as a mom, that I'm more likely to trust the views of another mom who has been there, done that with a product than any other form of advertisment. Connecting with other moms via blogs is a win win situation for everyone!

Yvonne DiVita

@Kimberly - I have been telling brands for four years that women, especially Moms, buy for other people more than for themselves; that means: their kids, their kids' friends, their husbands and Moms and Dads and other relatives; their friends, and their pets. Hey, Moms are always shopping for someone else - and sometimes, they buy that item for themselves. Where better to share that experience than on their blogs?

@Jennifer - Getting the name right - wow, what a concept! I got pitched today for my "adventure blog"...huh? And, to the gal who pitched name isn't "There" (the salutation was, "Hi There"... talk about getting a name right!

Jennifer James

This is such an excellent post! Companies and the PR firms that represent them really do need to get to know us. Blog, talk, and tweet -- that's what we do! Companies have to approach us in the right way, follow up, and tell us why we should care about their product.

For those of us who are pitched numerous times in one day we need ways to remember what a product is and why we should care. Little things go a long way, like getting our name right and following up with a call, if available.

Kimberly/Mom in the City

As a mom blogger, I know that what you have written is very true. Before being a mom, I rarely asked input or talked about what I purchased as much as I do now. As a blogger, I constantly get emails from my readers thanking me for introducing them to products/services/etc. that they've purchased both big (i.e. Wii systems - I have a "gaming" family!) and small (i.e. method cleaning products). Brands would be smart to (continue to) pay attention to the parent bloggers!

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