Yes, You, Too, Can Prosper in a Down Economy
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The Brow Diva: Artistry for the Face

Eyes_on_the_world Are you fighting with your eyebrows? When you look in the mirror every morning - do you comb your bangs down so your eyebrows won't show? Do you whip out your eyebrow pencil and try to create that Bette Davis movie-star look?

While I have never tried eyebrow pencils, I have struggled with my eyebrows. I have been in search of the perfect eyebrow for a hundred years. Well, it seems like a hundred years. Bettedavis_2

Eyebrows are the frame of the face. They can drive other women wild with envy (admit it, you know certain women who have the most amazing eyebrows you've ever seen and you want them!), they can distract interviewers, they can even frighten little children - but it doesn't have to be so!

You, too, can have perfect, sculpted, delightful eyebrows. (And why shouldn't you?) Well, here's how...

Deanna Netti-Cahill, located at Brow Diva in Pittsford, NY, sculpts eyebrows. I had the pleasure of meeting with her recently - and here's what I learned...

Yvonne: Deanna, tell us about Brow Diva and how all of this came to be.

Browdivadeanna_2 Deanna: I've been in the brow business for 10 years. Truthfully, I read an article on a woman who appeared on Oprah and only did eyebrows for a living. Rather than make-up or hair. Eyebrows. The idea appealed to me and Brow Diva was born. Certainly not that quickly, but...over time.

Yvonne: How does it work, Deanna? What kinds of women call to come and have their eyebrows done?

Deanna: I get women from all walks of life. Younger women in the business world who want to look their best for their new jobs. Established businesswomen, women who own their own business, grandmothers, and wives even bring in their husbands!

Yvonne: Get out of here! You do eyebrows on MEN?

Deanna: Yes, I do! I have construction workers, surgeons, men in sales... they know they have one chance to make a first impression and they want to look groomed. Appointments only take about 15 minutes, so they can schedule it at their convenienceBrowdivaeyebrowsfortheman_2.

Yvonne: You have some great pictures - before and after - on your website. Do YOU ever get surprised  at the change in appearance, after working on a client's brows?

Deanna: I do! I've found that sculpting eyebrows is like artistry. Really, if you think of it - our face is a picture we show to the world. If our eyes are glimspes into our soul, then our eyebrows are an invitation to look deeper and see who we really are. Ungroomed eyebrows can send the wrong message.

Yvonne: So, what's next for the Brow Diva?

Deanna: Stay tuned. Exciting events are happening here at Brow Diva. I am launching my own make-up line in 2009. After spending years creating the perfect brow powder and brow mascara, if you will, I am working on a new, thrilling line of make-up. My focus is to help women feel good about themselves and to help bring out the beauty within. [correction: I previously wrote she had launched her make-up line, but that's still to come]

Yvonne: Leave us with some advice.

Deanna: Always give back. A portion of the proceeds from the Brow Diva get donated to a local non-profit, the Susan B. Anthony House, because I am passionate about women and women's issues. As a Mom and wife of 27 years, and a business professional, I relate to the struggles of other women trying to make a go of it in today's complicated world. Not only do I enjoy bringing out their true beauty by doing their eyebrows and helping them learn how to use make-up appropriately, I enjoy giving back whenever I can. [correction: previously I said Deanna was a single Mom - chalk it up to not reading my notes properly! Sorry, Deanna!] 

Yvonne: Thank you, Deanna. To the readers: have I had my eyebrows done yet? I have! And, I love them! Deanna can truly say she "has eyebrows walking all around Rochester." (she's done ~ 76,000 brows!) In no time at all, she will have eyebrows and faces walking around the entire country!

Stay tuned!

p.s. in this 'down' economy should you be spending money on your eyebrows??? I say, YES! More than ever we need that little bit of pampering - that vision of ourselves as successful - as well-groomed; so, get your brows done - at the Brow Diva, Deanna keeps prices well within reach of the average gal.


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