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Eyes_on_the_world People routinely ask me why I promote marketing to women online, rather than just writing a marketing blog. There is a movement afoot to drop the "marketing to women" label in preference to marketing to ... your market. Which is, very likely, women and men.

I have no beef with that belief. In almost every market you will find an overlap of men and/or women. Women buy electronics, and houses, and lawn mowers, as well as shoes, and skincare, and new bedding. Men buy shoes, and skincare and even new bedding, as well as lawn mowers, etc.

But, in the end, if you're online, the dominant gender, the gender that is eagerly involved in community building, is women. Women who talk, and talk, and each other, every day.

Last spring Rapleaf did a study about the differences between men and women online and it bears noting that their results showed the relationship qualities of what women do online.

That isn't the only reason to market to women. And when I say "market to women" I don't mean color everything pink, or add ribbons and bows. If you want more detail on how to market to women, read my recent interview at Bulldog Reporter... But, before that, understand a bit about WHY the women's market is one you should consider, going forward. Hardworkingentrepreneur

This is a group with cash, and power, and connections. Women are banding together online in niche focused social networks like Auntie Savvy, and the Downtown Women's Club, and WECAI, among others. There is a quality of togetherness that cements women's friendships...both at home and at work. A quality that makes us worth your while.

Speaking of work, Consulting Pulse, a great blog to follow, BTW, noted in Sept. that "The USA has one incredible economic advantage that no other country in the world has come near. Aside from the entrepreneurial culture, the drive for innovation and the underlying optimism of the economy - the USA also has women!" 

Daryl Mather, the author of the blog, has a great interview with Seth Godin, as I write this. As you likely know, Seth's new book Tribes is out and Seth, in his usual mega-marketing way, is out there generating press. One part of this interview is about the recent economic crisis and how big business is not prepared to handle it. The comment Seth makes strikes me as referencing the value of networking with women (though that is NOT what Seth or Daryl say), "Consultants with a reputation, consultants who have cultivated relationships among and between key decision makers will be the secret weapon in helping these companies get back on track."

When you're working on your marketing, are you connecting with the women in your space - understanding that we may be the key to economic recovery because of our numbers in the workforce and self-employed arena and because of our inherent desire to work with each other and with others who 'get us'?

Are you taking women into consideration, not only as folks who will buy you and your stuff, but as partners in your continuing ventures? We're here...creating and participating in social media. We like company. Join us.


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I think a great example of a company that really dropped the ball on marketing to women is VW, with its Brooke Shields “Routan Boom” campaign.

That the campaign takes a mocking and disdainful tone toward women, and especially mothers, isn’t what’s surprising—lots of ads do that. It’s that they’re doing it in an ad for a MINIVAN. You don’t have to be a marketing genius to know who the prime minivan market is.

Seriously, watch the ads and tell me you disagree with me:

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