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Giving Up Sex for Social Media

Eyes on the world The net is abuzz with talk from a CNN article stating "Many would take Internet over sex." Isn't that interesting?

As far as I can tell, these kinds of survey's are totally unreliable. Like focus groups, the participants are just as likely to reply with answers they think you want, as they are to be truthful. But, it makes for a catchy blog title, dontcha think? (maybe it's true, tho... maybe we would all give up sex... I'm just thinking people are playing with us - what do you think?)

Let's look at some stats and information that will be useful in your daily marketing to women online focus - going into 2009.

Marketing News, from the AMA, has a very short piece on "Affluent Women" showing that this group of buyers is more likely to use Word of Mouth, than their sisters.

Calling them "Marketing Multipliers," the article notes that they share "very similar demographic characteristics with other affluent women...but their behaviors differ in many ways." Such as: they are "more than three times as likely to consider being an authority on trends" and they are "twice as likely" to publish personal web pages or blogs. If you're into luxury goods, make friends with the Marketing Multipliers.

Following that good news, Jeff Vandam from THE NEW YORK TIMES says, "Blogs Find Favor as Buying Guides." This should be old news by now, but let's discuss, anyway.

Vandam states that "the increase in blog readership from 2004 to 2008 was 300 percent." Whoohoo! We bloggers like stats like that! And, unlike the stat about giving up sex, I can relate to it because I'm connected to that world and I know bloggers who have tens of thousands of dedicated readers.

It's called "trusting people like me" which goes back to the Edleman Trust Barometer - altho the stats in Steve Rubel's post back in April '08 say people don't trust bloggers. This updated news as reported by the New York Times (from a Jupiter Research study) seems to show that more and more people are participating in social media, especially blogs, today. Shirley_Chisholm-1st-black-woman-in-congress

Why not? I hope you trust me. I work hard to earn that trust. I have a select group of news sites and bloggers and Twitterers that I trust - too. Why? Because I feel the connection to the person, not the newspaper or magazine or website. And, if I have a question, I know I can actually reach out to the real person. Trust begins at home, I guess.

Building trust should be the number one activity on your marketing list, going forward. It isn't enough to connect, it isn't enough to engage, it isn't enough to join - you must learn how to build trust.

Shirley Chisholm, the first African American elected to Congress, put it well. She said, " From what we get, we can make a living. What we give, however, makes a life."

Make someone's life today. 


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There's a reason that the "get yourself some girlfriends" email keeps circulating. It's a story about advice given to a young bride "marriages, kids, jobs... all and go, but your girlfriends will be at your side...".

It keeps circulating because it resonates with the masses regardless of age. When the chips are REALLY down, we don't go shopping, we turn to our friends that we trust. That trust doesn't stop after the chips are falling in our direction again.

We don't trust bloggers that we don't "know," but if we read them long enough and they respond to us, then we do know them and they are as trusted as the girl next door.

Dr. Wright

Nobody said they would take the internet over REALLY GOOD sex!!

Dr. Wright
the Wright Place TV Show

Tanya Chadwick

Hey Yvonne,
Yes, you are right, quite a catchy title!
I did read the rest of the research you included as well and I thoroughly agree on so many points.
First and what I believe is the most important for commenting on this "blog" is that I trust you and I liked you from the get go. Why did I like you? Because I could relate to the truth of your writing. I had that immediate sense that I was reading a real woman, one who participated in everyday life and was saavy.
Why do I trust that? Because in my years of experience, I have to trust that intuitive still small voice within me, after my self goes through its very own quiet checklist and says, "yes,Tanya,this is real and it is ok". May seem odd to try to explain what I myself Trust in, but it has worked for me the majority of my years.
And so dear readers that follow me, I say to you that I have TRUST in this amazing writer. I have TRUST that this lady is putting her all into what she presents upon these pages. I have TRUST that Yvonne genuinely wants to share to help those who take the time to read. In my book, Yvonne is what I want to aspire to be when I grow up.
Hugs to all!
Most Sincerely,
Tanya Chadwick

Quiet a write up... Nice ;)



Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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