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It's Official...

by Guest Blogger, Lena West, Chief of Social Media Strategy at xynoMedia

...customers/users/clients are dispensable. Or, at least, that's how it would appear.

I'm always Serviceamazed when companies treat customers - and potential customers - like total crap. 

I've chronicled just a few of my experiences on this blog here (eventually, about three months later, Domino's sent me a refund check for $21.95 - I guess a wronged customer just isn't worth the extra 5 cents) and here.

Last week, I posted this tweet to Twitter:

"Consider yourself warned about installing Wuala - http://tinyurl.com/669v8j

The response from the folks at Wuala? Hold onto your mouse:

Wuala: @lenawest You don't have to install Wuala if you don't want to...

Friday, December 12th at 15:58:42 · View Tweet

Wow, really? Thanks for the newsflash and the 21st century update on my rights.

Now, to Wuala's credit, their product is in beta or alpha or whatev. But, my gripe with their company is: how is it that you create software that needs to be installed on the user's computer and FORGET to develop the uninstall part?

Well, as one of their own support people state on the Get Satisfaction website, it's an "opps" [sic]

My two-part response to Wuala's RUDE response:

@wuala - thanks for your note letting me know I don't have to install yr program. Too bad I already did and it screwed up my computer!
@wuala - it was HELL looking for an uninstall option & people from your co. say forgetting an uninstall program is an "oops". Nice job.
Wuala: @lenawest What I meant was that you can start Wuala directly from the web - no installation required. Sorry, my mistake.

Tuesday, December 16th at 08:56:02 · View Tweet

Wuala: @lenawest I think I misunderstood your first tweet. I'm really sorry that Wuala screwed up your computer! Can we help you out?

Tuesday, December 16th at 08:49:59 · View Tweet


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Lena L. West


I know what you mean. Sometimes you get crappy service and then someone is able to lift you up by going the extra mile. It's a bit of a rollercoaster and I wish there was more consistency.

People who work at companies need to realize that customers are the reason they are there. I have asked people on MANY occasions, "Do you realize if people like me don't walk through these doors, you won't have a job?" Many just stand there like idiots. Ah, well.

Thanks for the comment!

Jonna L. Martin

Last weekend I experienced remarkable customer service and horrific customer service within 24 hours. In Phoenix at The Boulders resort, every member of the staff adheres to the "Code of service" that is exceptional. On the way home, I flew through Cleveland where it appeared that the people working at every food stand were attempting to repel customers by 1)talking on cell phones and texting rather than waiting on people 2)Treating each customer as an infringement on their time chatting with co-workers. The contrast was stark and disheartening. Jonna Martin

Lena L. West

@Meg: I know how you feel with AT&T. I'm a former Cingular customer. *kumbaya*

@Lee: I don't even know that it would help if they thought like customers -- I think they need to start thinking like humans first. :)

Thanks to you both for reading and commenting,



Wow. I looked at the tweet you linked to above. For what it's worth, they haven't had much chatter since. I too bemoan the lack of customer service in the world. I often patronize only those places that still offer it, unless I'm trapped in some way, as I am by ATT cuz I shelled out for the iphone. ATT has topped my list as a time and money waster. On my last call I asked to speak with the person whose job it is to make customers happy. Didn't get a chuckle OR better help.

There. I feel better now. Thanks for your post.

Lee Drake

There are still lots of customers out there that are thinking like a customer (rather than like a company).

For a great blog on customer loyalty, check out my friend Bill Self's blog: http://thinkinglikeacustomer.com . Bill really knows his stuff. His background is from a company that advises businesses and organizations on how to build systems so that everyone in the company thinks like a customer.

I recently posted a cool article on brainstorming in software development that references one of his articles at: http://entrepreneur-blog.os-cubed.com/2008/12/customer-loyalty-vs-product-features.html

Basically if a company can't think like a customer - they're well on their way to being a has been. Its not just important, its required.

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