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Jody Devere of Ask Patty! Fame Names 10 Best Women Empowerment Blogs

Eyes on the world There is nothing better on the net than being recognized by your peers for what you do. It's the equivalent of winning an Oscar, IMHO.

Today, I learned that my BBFF Jody Devere, of the outstandingly popular Ask Patty! website and blog - which will be featured in Oprah's Magazine come the New Year, cited Lip-sticking as one of the 10 Best Women Empowerment Blogs. Askpatty-smart-savvy-women-buy-cars 

I am humbled and honored and thrilled to the bone! In the dark snowy days of this suffocating  recession, Jody has given me a bright spot to look to - being mentioned among all the other superb women on her list - it doesn't get better than that! Thank you, Jody. And, right back atcha! 

The other women are:

Amy's Garage
Ask Patty! (but of course!)
Diva Marketing
Pretty Tough/Girls Kick Butt
Smart Now
Wealthy Bag Lady (would has a post from Spirited Woman's Holiday Guide, which Lipsticking hosted, also, December 3rd)
Women & Wine

My congratulations to all of these outstanding bloggers. And extra thanks to Jody, again, for the list, for the introduction, and for showing the world how it's done. 


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Yvonne DiVita

Thank you, ladies. Your comments are the frosting on the cake. My readers always inspire me - each and every one. Your words make this blog a better place to visit.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. May the New Year be full of joy for you all.

Jody DeVere

Well deserved Yvonne!

Happy Holiday's!

Best Regards,

Jody DeVere
CEO/President - Ask Patty, Inc.

Marney Lewis

What a great blog. What can be better than to allow women to get together to recognize each other's achievements. Thanks so much for this.

Sharon Wilson

Thank you for this wonderful blog

Lynette Allen

Well done Yvonne! That's just brilliant - what a christmas present! x

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