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22,000 Miles on the Road with 2 cats, a poodle and a Project Nerd

Eyes on the world Every now and then you have to kick back and have some fun. Especially in tough economic times like these. Your efforts to sell to your female customer (good lord, can't I please just say Marketing to Women???) should include a little frivolity, a good bit of laughter, and something to lighten her load, now and then.

I have the answer. Recently I've been reading Queen of the Road: The True Tale of 22,000 Miles, 200 Shoes, 2 Cats, 1 Poodle, a Husband, and a Bus with a Will of Its Own. And I have not laughed so hard in weeks and weeks! This wonderful book is the eptiome of how to understand women...like me. (remember...women like me know women like you, or like your wife) You can get your copy today by clicking the link above...

Here's the truth about this book and it's author, Doreen Orion: without a doubt Doreen Orion and I are twins who were separated at birth! (except she's much funnier and more talented than I!)

Those who know me well have heard my opinion of the great outdoors: that it's called the out of doors because that's where it belongs and it should only stay there. AFter all, God did give us windows to look at it, through. What else do we need?

Well, Doreen is my soul-mate for sure. And I only had to get to page 7 to understand our connection. That's where she says, "...I was proud of my record: 118 hours without leaving the house." I almost melted with joy! If only... Queen-of-the-Road

And so ensues the outrageously funny story of how her husband, the Project Nerd, Tim, got her to travel around the country for a year, in a converted bus. Of course, they took their standard poodle and their 2 cats, with them. And a lot of unrealistic expectations. Some of the fun is in the realization that - this trip turned Doreen's world upsidedown, in a strangely good way.

As my newly found sister described her relationships with her work (she's a psychiatrist turned insurance reviewer - less need to interact with people; all she has to do is read about them), and with her husband - the ever faithful Tim, who resembles my Tom almost to a T, and with her pets (she's a cat person, to my dog person, although I love my cat, especially now that my Carmie is gone), I alternately laughed out loud - to tears, at one point, or turned to read a passage to Tom, with a purposeful tone in my voice that said, "You see? It's not just me. There are others like me out there!" A frightening thought, perhaps, but true.

Doreen and I part company in one area - she has remained childless and I happily had 3 children. (to the children, if you are reading - this does not mean I like children; I like grandchildren - my actual fondness for 'children' is still being determined - it comes and goes).

Doreen says, "If we'd had kids, they'd be little monsters. [like the rest of the world's children aren't?] Then they'd grow up to be big monsters. It's a benefit to the entire planet that we have chosen to remain childless. Really, the U.N. should give us a humanitarian award." Hmmm... what kind of award do those of us who braved Motherhood get?

This was an amazing trip -full of decriptions of places I will never go but feel closer to, thanks to Doreen's writing; and full of people stories that remind you of relatives, long forgotten and close at hand. This book is a true page turner, I think I read 80% of it at one sitting - before I looked up at the clock and realized I'd missed lunch; missed the call from the bank - about meeting to talk about money they aren't going to lend me, anyway; only drawn away from my reading by the caterwalling of my cat - who seemed to think it was dinnertime. (it was)

New_Year's_on_Key_West,_FL As Doreen talked about her hiking trips (brave woman - I have a natural fear of hiking, since it involves mountains, usually, and I'm terrified of mountains), and the mishaps in the bus (to whit - they named the "cabinet-dwelling computer, 'the bitch'..." and after discovering her penchant for false alarms, renamed her "the lying bitch" - I felt more and more akin to her. Even Tom agrees she has to be a relation somewhere in the DNA pool.

One silly blog post cannot relate the hearty laughter and delight of this book. I cannot share the entire, "Cousin JT's been run'd over by the tractor!" though I would love to. Yes, laugh out loud. And that starts on page 53! OMG! Trust me - at that point, the fun is just beginning.

Doreen, if you're out there...you are my hero(ine). Do not give in! Keep the out of doors at bay (except when you are photographing Tim christening a ... never mind, I'll let the folks read about it).  

Do something fun for yourself... Buy this book. Read this out loud to your spouse. Visit Doreen's blog. If you want to get more gals to your site, write about the book - or, better yet - have a giveaway and give a free Queen of the Road book to anyone who spends $100 or more on your site. Oh yeah, I didn't even mention The Martini Files. Whoohoo!!!

Doreen, call me! I know we were separated at birth! p.s. when is the movie coming out????


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converted bus

This sounds like a really fun trip. I do agree people need to have more fun in the hard economy today. If you go on another trip I recommend going on a converted bus. Converted buses are much cooler then normal buses people take.

Yvonne DiVita

Doreen, seems like Julia Roberts would be better to play you - she's funny, talented, gorgeous, and she connects with the average gal...like us. I think she's your pick to play you in the movie. Hey, can I be an extra?

Thanks for stopping by and keep writing... go on, get back to your desk.

Queen of the Road

Thanks so much for the lovely review! I'll ask my mom about the twins separated at birth thing. As for the movie, since you've seen my picture, you know why I'm holding out for Angelina Jolie to play me. Obvious choice, no? But, she's pretty busy now, so it may be a while.

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