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Thank You: Lena West, Mary Schmidt, Donna DeClemente, and Robbi Hess

Eyes on the world Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I sincerely hope every reader has a delightful evening planned, whether that be a night on the town, or a night spent at home with treasured friends and relatives.

As this year draws to a close, I need to thank the women who help me write this blog. Without them, this little marketing to women blog would be so much less than it is.

Lena - you are the voice of so many women in business. You teach us to stand tall and be strong. You teach us how to separate business from pleasure, and when we might combine the two. You are an inspiration to men and women, alike. Having you contribute to Lip-sticking is a blessing. Thank you.

Mary - as you've written more and more this year, I have come to look forward to your posts on marketing to women. There is keen insight there - equal to (sometimes better!) to any that I could Happy-New-Year-2009 provide. I know our readers gain the upper hand in the marketing to women space by participating in your writing. You honor me with your contributions.

Donna - what a treat it is to have you contribute to Lip-sticking! I say "treat" because of your topic: online promotions. That is a growing way to engage customers and I am eager to see more of your writing in 2009. My admiration of your expertise continues to grow.

Robbi - books are an important part of my life (and yours, I know) and having you contribute reviews to Lip-sticking has allowed me to look at books from a whole new viewpoint. I look forward to your insight and contributions in 2009. As a writer, you present a stellar example of how to do it right.

Readers - thank YOU for stopping by and for commenting. Thank you for helping me understand your expectations and needs. Thank you for making Lip-sticking a place of good conversation, good friends, and sincere relationships. Happy New Year to all!


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Mary Schmidt

Thanks - I'm in great company and look forward to "kicking it up a notch" with y'all in 2009. (I'll be back in full blog mode next week.)

Donna DeClemente

Thank-you Yvonne for introducing me to blogging and for the honor to be part of Lip-sticking. I look forward to a happy and successful 2009 for all of us. Happy New Year!

Lena L. West

Thanks, Yvonne!!

It has been an honor to write for Lip-sticking for the past two years - or has it been three? Time flies when you're having fun!

I look forward to us taking everything up a notch in 2009 and Lip-sticking being an even bigger destination for anyone who's interested in what REALLY smart women have to say.

Ciao bella!

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