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Eyes on the world How many of you know that the Young Women's Christian Association, the YWCA, celebrated its 150th anniversay last month? I got a note about this from a good friend and have been trying to get it into the mix here at Lip-sticking because this is not only a great accomplishment, it's a testament to the power of the women's market.

First, let's note that after 150 years, "the YWCA continues to lead the charge to empower women to seek racial justice and to serve all women in every aspect of their lives, from economic empowerment to ending domestic violence, to seeking change that wil bring quality healthcare to women and families."

As we move forward in this brand new environment - in a place of historic proportion - I want to share the results of the YWCA survey that talks about what women want, relative to the coming administration in Washington.

Here are the WHAT WOMEN WANT: A national survey of priorities and concerns, key findings showing some of the differences between Gen Y and their older sisters. They say, "...that 'civil rights and racial justice' should be a top priority," compared with women aged 30-70.

Of course, there are other important issues, also. The economy rates pretty high, as a concern for these women. 92% of women aged 18-70 "say that the new administration and Congress should make solving the financial crisis in the U.S. a top priority in the first year of their administration. Michele-Obama

In the end, we are looking to Michele Obama to take a lead role in championing women and women's rights.

Actually, the study says, "take a visible leadership role and champion issues that are important to her" but let's face it, that means issues that are important to all women - civil rights, financial security, and being able to take care of our family.

This study stands as a collective voice for hundreds of women, of all ages. We ladies who work on the net are eager to help by using our collective insight and talents - to blog, to Twitter, to use our social networks...all Michele has to do is ask.

From the world of Moms Rising, to the founders of family networks in social media, to the single gals of the country, women are poised and ready to get involved. We stand shoulder to shoulder, across the land, and woe be it to any organization or political leader to dismiss us. We will not be ignored. We will not be silenced. We will not let our sons and daughters, our sisters and Mothers, our brothers and fathers, and...even our pets, down. We will make the future better.

Are you ready? I am.


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Yvonne DiVita

AJ, your point is a good one. I read the article and I have issues with Linda's viewpoint.

First, the job stimulus to create jobs in construction is much needed. It does not help women and children to have crumbling infastructure. To my knowledge, women are welcome to take on construction jobs, and many do. It's a male-dominated career choice only because...women don't want to do it.

In green energy, it may be true that those jobs are in engineering but, again, engineering is open to women. In fact, schools are eager to help women enter the engineering world as a career choice.

My answer to Linda (since I found no way to comment on her article) is to recognize the innovative power of women. We will create new jobs for ourselves - in the areas she talks about: library services and Head Start - and we will happily create green opportunities. This involves being involved in local government. It involves communicating across the nation via the net... on blogs and Twitter, working together to make things happen.

In the end, I believe in the rebuilding of America. And, I believe in the education of our children. And, I believe the kinds of careers Linda talks about being primarily female-focused are so because women are good at them. Therefore, let's challenge women to step up and make a difference.

The term bricoleur comes to mind: doing great things with what you have at hand. Women are leaders in doing what they can, where they are, with what they have.

In the end, I think the extra help from the top will come.

A.J. Boggio

Re:"What Women Want." One author feels Obama's new expansive public works stimulus plan shortchanges women and female oriented jobs.

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