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You Can't Go Home Again

by Guest Blogger, Lena West, Chief of Social Media Strategy at xynoMedia

Homeagain This morning I was speaking with someone who, after many, many years of being good friends, has become a client. At the top of the call, I explained that I was spending the holiday at my family's compound and that he might overhear my parents bickering about coffee, the workmen setting up the tent for our annual Noche Buena celebration, the family dog and/or any combination thereof.

As predicted, when I went to the kitchen to grab breakfast, I remarked that there was no Apple Cinnamon oatmeal. As my mother walked past, I asked her about this egregious oatmeal oversight (!) - especially since my arrival was announced last month (yes, I'm a bit of a brat, did you expect anything else?). To which my mother replied...

"Maybe someone ate it," and she kept walking. My request for oatmeal remuneration was met with her closing the door to the laundry room and going about her business. (If you think *I* have a big personality, all I have to say is, it has to come from somewhere!)

My friend/client overheard this quick exchange and simply said, "You can't go home again."

Of course, he wasn't implying that I couldn't come to the compound whenever I wanted, he was merely underscoring the point that once you leave the nest, all the comforts of being in the nest fade away; and yes, Virginia, that goes for Apple Cinnamon oatmeal, too.

Which started me thinking about business. (What DOESN'T make me think about business?)

How easy do you make it for your clients to "come home again"?

  • Do your clients have direct contact information for you or their account/project manager or do they have to start with a call to the main number every time?
  • Do you save their pertinent information on file - archiving counts - so you start new conversations with them from an informed place rather than making them recount their story?
  • Do you make a note in your contact management software of how your clients prefer to be contacted so you don't kill your relationship with them with "death by a thousand paper cuts"?
  • Do you give your existing clients preferential pricing and scheduling?  (I LOVE the fact that when I go to my salon, I'm never kept waiting and I pay $3 less than everyone else for basic services. It keeps me coming back and hey, $3 is $3.)
  • Do you routinely go the extra mile and let them know (in a nice way) that you've done so on their behalf?
  • Do all of your team members refer to them by name?

Clients who feel well taken care of stick around.

Are you doing something special for your clients that makes it easy for them to conduct repeat business with you? Do tell...


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Sharon Wilson

I agree that the most important aspects in successful businesses is to keep your clients happy. Professionalism is not the only characteristic of success although it is VERY important but if your client feels respected, at ease and at home with the business arrangement that you have succeeded.



Thanks for reading and commenting!

Patti Dobrowolski

Loved this post. Great reminder for me and the team.

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