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Eyes on the world It's Sunday. I have lots of work to do, but I needed to take a break so...I hopped over to BL Ochman's new pet site, Pawfun, and clicked in to the blog, to make an e-post card with my Maggie's kitty, Bella's, picture on it...right there with our new (on Tuesday) First Family. Woot!

We've all been following the news stories re: Obama's promise to his delightful girls to get them a dog. BL was on Fox and Friends News last week with Benny, her Labradoodle, because that's one breed the Obama's are considering...and Benny stole the show, IMHO. But, in reality, labradoodles are a bit rambunctious (so BL said) and maybe that's not what the First Family should start off with. Maybe they should consider a cat first...

A cat like Maggie's Bella...hey, look how good she looks in this post card made on Pawfun's blog. I mean, is this not kewl? That's what we gals like - something fun to do during those little breaks in our day...something to share with family and friends...something that involves the most beloved creatures in our lives: our cats! Or dogs.Pawfun-Bella-in-the-White-house

Seriously, I tried to put a pic of Wabby Wibby in there but...she is just not photogenic. She refuses to look at the camera! Maggie's kitties are darlings and I think Bella would be a great addition to the First Family, before they bring in a crazy-funny-happy-challenging dog. (not THE Bella, of course, but a cat similar to her).

Not that I think the dog idea is wrong or bad or anything. I think it's perfect. And I think a Labradoodle is a great choice - hey, Benny won the poll they took on Fox and Friends. I do believe, if a Labradoodle is the pet of choice, it can't hurt to consider a second pet...of the feline kind. And, those of us with cats should create lots and lots of these adorable post cards...to show the Obama's the possibilities.

Regardless, this is a fun activity to do in-between laundry, or instead of watching TV. Make e-post cards and send'em to all your friends. Come on ladies...and men. You know you want to see your pet in this e-post card. What are you waiting for? Make me look good to BL and her ever-present wizard of a partner, Caimin Jones (I so know what it's like to have a partner like that - someone who is more than your right hand, someone who is commited to the project in a really big way, so much so that the project is both of you, never just one). BL is a BBFF! And she and Caimin have something really fab going - let's help her out...

I'm in for the fun and the pet pics...how about you?


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B.L. Ochman

Thank you so much for this great post!!

That's one cute kitty! I know what you mean about a cat who won't let you take a good photo! I have maybe three decent pix of my cat Noni from the past 7 years.

Every time i get the camera, he moves. Even if he's asleep at the time!

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