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Steve Tylock: The LinkedIn Personal Trainer
A Lip-sticking Podcast

Eyes on the world LinkedIn isn't new. Yet, too many of us don't know how to use it as effectively as we should. Steve Tylock, a local friend, has a book all about using LinkedIn: The LinkedIn Personal Trainer - and I was lucky enough to talk to him recently, to get some inside advice on using LinkedIn. Steve-Tylock

The important thing to know, before you listen, is that LinkedIn isn't just for keeping track of addresses...and emails. It has so much more functionality - and - there are right ways to use it, and wrong ways. As with all online tools, it's always evolving and improving, also. Those of us who spend our lives online should know how to tap into LinkedIn's possibilities - without getting cross-eyed. Let's let Steve tell us more... [don't forget to visit his site - you can get the book as an e-book, too!]


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Joseph Hollak


I realize that I might not be your target market, but great podcast — you both knocked it out of the park.

Joseph Hollak

Carol White Llewellyn

Yvonne and Steve -

Thanks for sharing all of the helpful insights regarding LinkedIn on this podcast!

I recently began reading Steve's book and will be reengineering my website based on his advice.

My best,

Steven Tylock


It was great to have that conversation - I'm looking forward to getting back with an update when it gets warmer outside;-)


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