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Eyes on the world Just the other day I got a frantic text message from my daughter in CO informing me that she was in the emergency room with my granddaughter. Miah had fallen during dance and they were afraid her foot was broken.

For the next two hours we texted back and forth (notice that I said 'texted' not 'talked' - my daughter is of the age where she likes texting more than talking) until news that the broken foot crisis was averted (the injury was painful but not major enough for a cast).

Having children prepares you well for the unexpected. Those small and sometimes large injuries are never planned for [duh!] - those sudden notes from the teacher reminding you it's your turn to provide breaktime snacks are supposed to be planned for, but usually aren't - and even the "planned holidays" bring surprises, just because life likes to mess with Moms, I guess.

Running a business can be like that, too. Trying to connect with a market that is always in flux can be challenging and fraught with the unexpected, almost as a matter of fact. The marketing to real women online shows this better than anything because it's immediate, now, focused, relative, and maybe a little volatile, at times. Just like trying to keep up withyour kids.Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online

I hope I'm not telling you something you don't know when I say women are dominating the net even more than I first realized, back when I wrote my book, Dickless Marketing. I knew women were becoming more and more comfortable shopping online and that we were eager to see improvements in how web merchants reached out to us and how they facilitated sales for us. But, I did not see the social media tsunami - although it was right in front of me.

The tsunami hit about a year ago. To help you through it, I've created a new Top 10 List which is in the right-hand sidebar of this blog. A list of all the things companies are doing wrong today, because the biggest opportunity you have (marketing to real women online) is not going to wait for you to figure out the unexpected. Women of all walks of life - from young Moms, tweens, grandmoms, aunts, single or married - are texting, blogging, Twittering, or joining groups on Facebook and LinkedIn faster than you can shake that cold tsunami water off your neck. Here's the reality - we don't NEED YOU!

YOU need US!

If you're planning on surviving this economy, which has thrown a tsunami of its own at us (and who knew? other than the banks that are now spending our money with complete abandon), get yourselves someone who can help you reach the women's market. Be friendly and approachable. Create relationships that are REAL...not those pretend things we see brands create on Facebook or in poorly developed corporate blogs. Accept that women rule - and we'll rule you right out of existence, if you ignore us, neglect us, or insult us - as many of you have done in the past. Our trusted brands can join us online and be successful - and new brands can create friendships that will flourish. If only you recognize our value and concentrate on marketing to REAL women - the REAL women who own the net.

You're on notice. Expect the unexpected - the next tsunami is going to be a doozy!


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Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach

My gosh, I hope your grandaughter heals well!!!!

Such things also put life in perspective.

Best wishes, Barbara

Yvonne DiVita

@Mary - you are right on target! Women are driving the Green Movement just as we drive every movement that speaks to our sense of "nurturing." I know where to get the best and most updated Green info - at your site - hope the rest of the readers check it out.


I couldn't agree more. Now on top of women buying all the stuff, we have to buy all the green stuff first. Luckily for green marketers, what you're providing is exactly what we want!

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