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Rev Your Engines - for Valentine's Day

Eyes on the world No, Valentine's Day is Saturday. But, I keep thinking it's Friday. I wonder why that is?

I've never been big on Valentine's Day. It's sort of like birthdays - people are "expected" to do something special, and that takes the special feel of it out of the equation. I prefer spontaneous affection. Being required to buy gifts or go out to dinner or say "I love You" seems wrong, to me.

Every day should be Valentine's Day, I think. If you're in a committed relationship (and no, I don't mean the kind that comes with a straight-jacket), why do you have to wait until red velvet heart day to show your affection? Of course, you don't.

Which means...when you're marketing to women online, while you should definitely tValentine-Day-Heartstake advantage of   special holidays - to do something unique and exciting - you should carry those events, thoughts, and campaigns throughout the year. Make Valentine's Day happen once a week at your place, whether that's an online storefront of a dirt-world storefront. Create special attention for your lady friends - for instance:

Offer chocolate at the door, or when she clicks the 'buy' button.

Have your most creative person, which may just be YOU, write a song to your lady friends. And have it recorded...have it play at the conclusion of a sale (keep it short, we're busy, we like appreciation but don't make us hang around for it).

Offer additional items either for free or half-off - items that are frivilous, please. (free lipstick? free hand lotion? free perfume?)

Partner with other vendors - ok, you sell women's casual fashions - partner with a site or store that sells shoes. Maybe you sell financial services - something women are reluctant to talk about or buy for themselves, sometimes. Partner with a caterer - who will provide finger sandwiches and RECIPES at your special event. Remember - don't push your services as much as discuss our lives, with us.

Give away books. Yep, women like to read - why not buy some books in quantity (you get a better deal) and offer your women customers a book, with purchase.

Find out what your women customers do in their spare time. Do they have pets? Spa coupons and pet treats are great ways to win our hearts.

So, this Valentine's Day, go big. Big enough to have your Valentine's Day event last all year long. The ladies will love you for it.

Here's my Valentine's Day present to you, readers - a contest to show your love for-- your car!

Yep, Detroit needs our help and CarZen is here to provide. Just upload a pic of your and your car, and tell them why you love your car in 50 words or less. You must be at least 16 to participate. You might want to see this video first - nicely done, I must say.


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Sharon Wilson

I agree. Why wait for Valentine's Day to make that someone special feel special. Make it last all year long.

Yvonne DiVita

Okay, I was typing fast and there are numerous typos in this post. Rather than go back and change them, I beg everyone's forgiveness.

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