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Eyes on the world No doubt you, like the rest of us, are struggling with the economy and its negative impact on your business.

However, as the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Over at the Open Forum, thanks to my BBFF Anita Campbell (she of the most excellent Small Biz Trends blog), I have an article on how to use FREE to improve business.

Have a look see and let me know if it helps...or not. Share your "free" ideas on how to increase biz and/orFord-Focus-Eco-Driving weather this downturn - the Lipsticking readers need your insight, as much as they need mine.

(and... enjoy this fabulous article on credit-card slashing - fie on the banks! - by Karen M. Lynch. Outstanding read discovered via Twitter)


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Jan Riley

Great article, in fact I discovered your blog as a result of reading it. My FREE tip is to create video messages.

Building relationships in a virtual world can be greatly enhanced with simple videos because nothing replaces looking onto someones eyes or hearing the tone of their voice.

My suggestions is to start small,and make it easy. Use something like eyejot (www.eyejot.com - a free online video message service)
Here are a few ways to use a simple video to make connections online more human and more memorable. Because people buy from people not computers.

Video as a phone call follow up
After a phone introduction - send a welcome video email to a new prospect, introducing yourself in "person"

Video as a sales tool
If you have a customer with an important question on how to use or assemble a product - send them a live 1-2 min demo This can turn a frustrated customer into a lifetime evangelist.

Video as a thank you
Send a personalized thank you to someone. Let's face it - almost no one gets thanked enough. You might no be able to give someone a cash bonus, but you can always say thanks with a real smile.

In a virtual world, there are many ways to interact but most of them still lack the visual and audible signals that help us bond. You can use a dead simple free video tool to make a big impact on prospects, customers and contacts.

Don't fret about your hair or your lipstick, just be your intelligent & wonderful self

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