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Women's History Month - A Look Back

Eyes on the world March, which is almost over, is Women's History Month. If this seems like a belated acknowledgment, it isn't. I celebrate women's history every day - and this blog aims to reach women - REAL women - the world over to help them understand the how to traverse the business of being in business, online. Hence, women's history is an on-going event, to us.

To better understand the concept of Women's History Month, I turned to Diversity Inc. As with the Center for Women's Business Research, Diversity Inc offers a wealth of information on women - and on our struggles to gain equality in life and in our careers. 

Here are a few stats that you might not know from the vault of Diversity Inc (paid sub articles):

  • "As of 2008, there were 2.3 million firms [that were] 50 percent or more owned by women of color."

  • "Asian-American women's companies outpaced all others in growth in numbers, employment and receipts."

  • "Women are on the move... Fresh data from The 2009 Diversity Inc Top 50 Companies for Diversity┬« shows that women represent half the work force, slightly edging out national figures..."

But, even more important than statistics that show our power, is this story from Diversity Inc, "What Woman reading Inspired Women's History Month?" The article describes how Kiera Zetkin, a German woman, organized an International Women's Day back in 1911. She did so to celebrate working-class women. Women like you - and me, I hope. Strong women who encourage our daughters to achieve - without regard to gender. Inspirational women who do not let history dictate their actions. Powerful women who work with their sisters, blood sisters and emotionally bonded sisters, to make our world a better place to live.

As the month rolls off the calendar, take a moment to celebrate yourself and to say a thank-you to all the women who came before; the women who refused to let a skirt dictate who they were, or how they should behave. Because being a woman isn't just a result of being born with certain body parts, or of the precious ability to give life. Being a woman is a mind-set. Being a woman is a way of life. Being a woman is a recognition of responsibility - to ourselves and others.

And, remember - although in the world of statistics, women are still listed as a "minority group"...we are anything but. In the U.S. alone, there are 154.7 million of us -- compared to 150.6 million men.


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Great Post Yvonne!
I agree 100% about the fact that "Being a woman is a recognition of responsibility - to ourselves and others"

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