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Earth Day Approaches: Are You Earthy?

Eyes on the world April, contrary to the popular poem about it, is NOT the cruelest month. April is the real advent of spring, with the re-emergence of green grass and budding bushes. I always like to watch the leaves slowly unfold on all the trees in our neighborhood. One day they're just buds of green, the next...they are in full bloom and they seem to reach for the sun with eager passion.

Along with spring we have the advent of Earth Day. I wanted to get a head start on Earth Day and share some tips for participation - which doesn't have to take a lot of time and energy. Mostly, it's a commitment to Mother Earth. You do like Mother Earth, don't you?

I can guarantee that your women customers are devoted to Mother Earth - and to making the world a better place for our children. Share some tips and tricks and insights into things like renewable energy, saving water, eating right, and getting more exercise. For my part, today, I'll share a few of Kathleen J. King's tip over at divine caroline - a place I think you should visit on a daily basis.

1. Buy a programmable thermostat. {I start with this because -- I don't have a programmable thermostat and I am sorely ashamed of myself for not having one. But, I do turn my heat down at night.}

5. Buy locally. {Kathleen says "buy foods locally" but why not buy everything you can, locally? Locally grown food is fantastic, but so are local crafts, furniture, clothes. You can find locally produced goods in a search on locally produced goods...using YOUR city or region.}My-world-is-green

6. Turn of lights when you're not using them!!! {Can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine? No one at my house, except me, cares about this. I hate seeing lights on when no one is in the room. The excuse that you're going to 'be right back' is lame. IF you'll be gone for more than 5 minutes...turn off the light. }

12. Ride a bike. {I'd do this if I could...but, just because I can't, doesn't mean you shouldn't. I will walk as much as possible - and park as far from the door of whatever store I had to drive to - to get some exercise, but...a bike is a great way to save Mother Earth. Hey, walk your dog more about that?}


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Paul Lasaro

One more advice!
Real pearl was a verity of a duchess that „bad mood means a non-ecological lifestyle".

Excellent! Isn't?!

Something other from Andrei Tarkovsky
"Cynism has not rescued anyone. It fits the fainthearted."

Sorry. That's from my latest post on my site :)
Your Paul Lasaro

Paul Lasaro

Following up every step - in Finland for all people allmost every Day is "Earth Day"

Wendy Boyce

Great reminder for our environment. I was discussing Earth Day with my teenage daughter - and reminding her on the importance of NOT leaving the lights on, as she tends to leave a trail of where she was in the house.

She commented that Every day should be Earth Day! Amen to that!

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