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Hungry Girl's Book Promotion is so Simple It's Ingenious!

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

There are many of us women just like me that have struggled with weight issues our whole lives. Up and down I've gone like a seesaw depending on what my priorities were for that year. Right now my short term priority is trying to shake off a couple of pounds from Easter that was caused by some robin eggs, a white chocolate bunny and a weekend of constant food.

Last year I finally joined Weight Watchers for the first time in my life and I've now reached my goal of a "Healthy Weight". I'm just two weigh-ins away from becoming a lifetime member which means I've maintained this weight for six weeks. Weight Watchers has taught me how to think differently about everything that I put in my mouth and how to live happily doing this. Now don't get me wrong. I love food (and wine). My husband's a great cook and we eat very well. Just a bit differently now.

Hungry-Girl-Logo But this is not a plug for Weight Watchers. It is however one for Hungry Girl. A women in my WW group turned me on to Hungry Girl by forwarding me one of their daily emails. I signed up after the first reading and I now get my daily dose of Hungry Girl's "Tips and Tricks for Hungry Chicks". Their daily newsletter is delivered right to my inbox which includes recipes, food substitution suggestions and all around support. They are constantly giving me ideas on how I can maintain a lifestyle that consists of a healthy diet and fewer calories whether we cook a meal at home, buy some prepared foods from our local grocer or go out to eat at a restaurant. A recent study has again confirmed the fact that no matter what diet you choose, it all comes down to burning more calories that you take in.

Those at Hungry Girl are also proving that they know how to market to women online. Today is a big day for them because they are launching their new book "200 Recipes Under 200 Calories". Yes that's under 200 Calories! They've been telling us about this new book now for the past month and it finally arrives in bookstores today. What I found truly unique is a very simple promotion that they've developed to stimulate sales and awareness of their book. Any author (and I know we have a few of them that read this blog) please take note. 

Hungry Girl book2 They're giving away "DOZENS and DOZENS of cool prizes" to get all the Hungry Girls excited. All they're asking their readers to do is email a photo of themselves holding the book at a local store. They will also accept just an email message for those that possibly don't have a camera or camera phone that describes their store visit or something related to getting the word out about the book. They're going to randomly select people who email in and award the prizes which will be five a day for the first week. The book can be found at these participating retailers which include Barnes & Noble, Borders, Target, Walmart, Amazon and others.

I do have Hungry Girl's first book and I love it. It even gives you low-cal cocktail recipes for "Girls Bite Out"! So I'm sure to grab their new book as well. As I said, my husband's the cook in our house. So if I put a new recipe in front of him and buy the ingredients he's usually always willing to give it a try.

Hungry Girl claims not to be a nutritionist. She's just "Hungry", like the rest of us. You can meet Hungry Girl's Lisa who started her book tour yesterday. She'll be at a Barnes & Noble in Long Island today and ends up in San Diego on June 3rd.  So please take my word and check her out!


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