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Not sure how I feel about this. It is funny - I laughed. But, it's also on the "riske´" this old Baby Boomer gal. Maybe for today's young woman, it's appropriate humor. I could see those of us from the old Laugh-In days getting a kick out it. (check... Read more →

For those who were not lucky enough to listen to yesterday's podcast with Rhonda Shasteen, Chief Marketing Officer of Mary Kay cosmetics, about her new blog, Reflections, please hop over to Part I and have a listen. Rhonda is a unique individual - she's a down-home gal, from Texas, who... Read more →

I can't help it - I'm having one of the best days of my blogging career. Regular readers know that I like to conduct interviews. I especially like to interview women in business who offer insight into how to create success. many of you, I also aspire to speaking... Read more →

April, contrary to the popular poem about it, is NOT the cruelest month. April is the real advent of spring, with the re-emergence of green grass and budding bushes. I always like to watch the leaves slowly unfold on all the trees in our neighborhood. One day they're just buds... Read more →

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk Last week I attended SES NY (Search Engine Strategies) which was a three-day conference that comes to New York every March and is visits cities around the world. I attended last year and thought it was great, so I went back for... Read more →