When The Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Social
Part II: Rhonda Shasteen, CMO Mark Kay, Talks Good Works,
Virtual Makeovers, and More

Rhonda Shasteen: Chief Marketing Officer of Mary Kay:
Approachable, Authentic, Amazing

Eyes on the world I can't help it - I'm having one of the best days of my blogging career. Regular readers know that I like to conduct interviews. I especially like to interview women in business who offer insight into how to create success. BUT...like many of you, I also aspire to speaking with 'celebrities.' Most of the celebrities who have been interviewed on this blog are BBFFs... and experts in their own right. You can visit their interviews by clicking the Interviews category link, on my right-hand sidebar.

Today...to my delight...I have a the first of two podcasts with Rhonda Shasteen, Chief Marketing RhondaShasteen Officer Mary Kay. Yes, that Mary Kay. She of the pink Cadillac and outstanding business success. If you do not know the Mary Kay story, you will enjoy this podcast. Rhonda shares some of that amazing insight with us. Along with why she just started blogging! W00t! A Mary Kay blog! How kewl is that? Love the title: Reflections.

But, this is more than a conversation with the Dir. of Marketing at Mary Kay, the cosmetics company - and yes, I was a Mary Kay consultant, once. (Today they have more than 1.9 million consultants) 

This is a discussion between two women who met online, connected the way women do, and who decided to help each other out. I am proud to have the opportunity share this podcast, and the second half which will be posted tomorrow, discussing the new Mary Kay blog! (where, in true Mary Kay fashion, there is a fab contest! hop over and enter)...(oh, and connect with  Rhonda on Twitter, too!) And come back tomorrow for Part 2!


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dave buls


My stepdaughter signed up as a distributor for Mary Kay. As an economist and product analyst, i was very excited by this, because Mary Kay products are excellent and the business model is consistent. However, she is quitting the business because of incessant pressure to buy minimum levels every month.

The shortsightedness of people like you is unbelieveable. Instead of keeping a distributor for life, you drive them away by front loading. What dumbasses you are.


Great interview Yvonne. Love how you were the magic that encourage Rhonda to convenience her management team that she should write a blog.


well done. can't wait to hear pt 2!

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