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The Power of a Woman's Voice

Eyes on the world I believe we've hit the tipping point, ladies. When I wrote my book, way back in 2004, and I predicted the way women would flock to the net to make it their own, little did I know how right I would be.

Being right isn't the issue, of course. It helps - but in the end, being right is often relative. "Right" is only what the person reading or observing the action believes. So, if you think women should still be mopping the floor while dinner cooks, or changing the baby's diapers in-between ironing someone's shirts, or bringing home the bacon to fry it up in the pan, while the significant other watches the news... then you probably just ignore statements that show women are the dominant sex online.

We don't really care if that's what you think. Because, we know...we're more than taking over the net. We're claiming it as our own.

First it was blogging - a simple and easy way to share recipes, stories, family events, and...even business advice, just by tapping away on our keyboard. Blogs written by women were popular, so much so that they created entire communities, like Blogher. Women were trusted because - well, because we weren't out to build an empire, our goals were more centered - on family, and being green, and figuring out how to keep our kids safe. We discovered that blogging was a great resource to be collective - to create noise that meant something - to support each other in times of need and even to support our favorite charity.

Then, Facebook came along and we got to create whole pages of content that was separate but part of not only our blogs, but our lives. More interconnected groups of women determined to make a difference in the world.

And now...Twitter. Twitter - that easy to manage and use tool that expanded our voices across continents and cultures, and showed the world our power. Twitter is too new for me to give you accurate stats on the breakdown of the sexes, but I can tell you that women business owners - many of them stay-at-home Moms, work-at-home Moms, single women over 40, younger women intent on being independent but connected, and baby boomers who discovered a whole new world of excitement and respect and creativity.

Women's voices continue to be heard across the Green-Effect-National-Geographicvast universe of the net - using social media tools designed for simple purposes; "What are you doing now?" We aren't shouting, although we sometimes feel the need to raise our voices. We aren't congregating in crowds, although we meet on and offline in ever larger groups. We aren't forgetting our roots - each of us brings a memory of yesterday, when women were seen but not heard - but we are demanding recognition today, for today, in honor of today, so our daughters will never have to feel diminshed by their sex.

We are one woman - fingertips tapping away on keyboards, touching the minds and hearts of millions, across the universe of a new world. Meet with us, talk with us, join with us, to save the world, the whales, our children (and their pets), the environment, the trees, the wolves, the air we breathe, and more. Join us -  where we are - online.


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I've been happy to stumble upon fellow woman's sites lately...especially when men are dominating the business blogs..


This is an awesome post and so well said. It's true that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, or anything contradictory to the fact that we are taking over the net. I've come to actually enjoy silently proving the male dominated world wrong. The joy comes in knowing we are doing things right by building trustworthy friends along the way.

Thanks Lip Sticking & Yvonne for being one of those friends!


Great post. In addition to the voice of women, our actions and follow through will really make us powerful. The social networking sites give us so many examples of women's voices and actions combining together.

I love the way you say "We are one woman". It's when we share our power and connect with love and joyfulness that we will have the biggest impact. The world needs women's voices and actions more than ever before.


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