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When Mother Earth Calls - Everyone Should Answer

Eyes on the world Mother Earth is calling. She's calling from the tallest trees. She's calling from the greenest lawns. She's calling from the mountains and the seas, she's calling you and me and every able-bodied human being - to do something, not just today but EVERY DAY.

Today is Earth Day. What does that mean to you? It shouldn't mean that today...and just today... you're going to be more ecologically aware, more "green," more attentive to your energy use, or more Saving-the-earth aware of the spring breeze flowing through your hair.

It means - celebrating that we have an Earth. It means thanking Mother Earth for the renewal that happens every spring, regardless of our misuse of our resources. It means - throwing a party with recycled products. It means hugging a tree. It means being glad there are squirrels in your yard, and spiders in your house, and birds in your trees.

Earth Day means the planet is still here. Imagine next year or the year after - and the idea that the planet might not be here. Imagine floods and hurricanes and toxic air and no polar bears or fish or Mother-Earth eagles...imagine what the Earth would be like - without its Mother.

Or, better yet, imagine how wonderful it is and can continue to be if we all give Mother Earth (just another name for Mother Nature) the respect and admiration she deserves.

Buy her more than flowers today - buy her diamonds and pearls - the jewels that require time to show their true brilliance. Time is the best gift... time to make the world a better place.

Be GREEN. Every day, not just today.


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