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Greening of My World

Eyes on the world The trees have finally, finally! sprouted. I suspect that is not the right term, but it suits. I can see the corner of my suburban neighborhood from my window, and I wait every spring for the trees to finally sprout leaves. It seems like it takes longer every year - that I wait and wait, watching those bare branches wave in the wind, hints of green at their tips...until, finally, in late April, the first few leaves appear.

The grass gets greener about the same time. And bushes and flowering trees bloom, also. The birds are very loud - especially at 5 a.m. I know this because I have my window open.

The renewable energy of Mother Earth coming back to life is impressive. Daily walks around the block reveal a variety of bushes and trees - I'm no arborist, I can't tell a Maple tree from a Chestnut tree(unless chestnuts hit me on the head!), or a patch of pachysandra from a patch of hydrangea...but I can tell the difference between a rose and a daffodil!

The part that matters, to me, is the greening of my world. And, as I watch it come back to life, bringing the warm weather with it, I begin to think about renewable energy resources. I being to wonder where we are with wind energy (personally, I love the big white windmills - they have a certain presence, a calming effect).Mother-Earth

I wonder where we stand with solar energy? The article at the link given at the end of this sentence does not have much positive information to share on solar energy. Sadly. Aren't we, as a country, supposed to be creating jobs in the new energy sector?

Renewal is all about freshness. That's what being green is about - the freshness of life. Life should always have some green in it - full of natural energy and natural resources. I especially like this blog at Girls Can't What? about Revolutionary Ways Women Can Go Green. Great advice! (you'll laugh out loud)

Women are at the forefront of this revolution. As usual. Get ourselves, our kids, our families, on track to helping our country be green. Start at home, bring the green idea to work, stop buying so much "stuff" and make your women customers happy. Ready...set...go!

(ok...just got an interesting gift in the mail...chocolate covered grasshoppers - should I eat them?)


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