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"Kids Today..." Or, Am I an Old Fogie Marketer?

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter

Images I found myself actually starting a sentence with those two words the other day.  Aaaah!  I'm no longer "cool" or whatever "kids today" call it now (if I ever was).  

Then, I read that the television networks are still pursuing the golden demographic of "18 to 49 years old"  Never mind, that us "old" Boomers have more discretionary income. (When we're not supporting all those 18 to 49ers who have moved back home...or worse yet, never left.) And, many of us watch the shows, such as one of my must-sees, Supernatural,  specifically designed to attract "young attractive people" (the newspaper's words, not mine.)  

Us oldsters are the largest group on Facebook.  Many of us, including Yvonne, are happily tweeting away...I and several in my neighborhood (including the "little old ladies") take our daily power walks plugged into tiny little machines listening to all kinds of music (granted, I do have some Dean Martin on there...;-)

So, what's  a marketer to do?  Well, I can tell you what NOT to do.

Don't assume. Don't presume.  Recently, Michele Miller posted re the new Mars Fling candy bar. Holly Buchanan chimed in with her excellent post, Men Are From "Mars", Women Are From Hershey.  The packaging is pink with frilly, girly looking script (sigh...why and how did pink end up being the femme signal color?) of the the tag lines is "pleasure yourself."  The candy itself comes in - um - fingers. Have a fling! Your boyfriend doesn't have to know! You don't need to feel guilty!  Sex, sex, sex...yawn.

Several of us - including Michele, Holly, me and Yvonne - think the marketing is way off base.  But, is it?  Or, are we being old fogies?   Are we guilty of assuming and presuming? I don't think so.

Holly is about 20 years younger than me. And, I'm pretty sure none of us are prudes (I, for one, could never get elected to public office, from what little I remember of my stupid youth. 'nuf said.)  As for "the young" thinking it's "fun" - well, there have always been young, silly, shallow women (and men).  Are there enough young and silly people to make the candy a success? (BTW - how does the stuff taste?)

Maybe if you're new to both sex and self-indulgence, you'd buy the candy. (Every new generation thinks they invented sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, or the age's equivalent.  The college students next door proudly plaster their cars with "daring" stickers about all of it, which is actually sorta endearing, since I'm now the "cranky old lady next door." Get off my lawn!)  Me?  Been there, done that.  I find the whole - um - positioning of the candy to be shallow, silly...and worst of all, boring. (And most likely dreamed up by men.) 

Now, I think I'll go grab another handful of chocolate-covered nuts for breakfast...;-)


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Barbara Wilson

I was interested in your article. I'm working on a project or initiative that will ultimately help businesses start spending some money to market or advertise AND will help animals find a good home. The most sought after demo for most marketers is upscale women 45-50. They spend or control the most money. Any ideas about what would make a woman buy that at that store...drop off food at the bank etc. because of her love of pets? Cause marketing angle etc. Thanks, Barbara Wilson

Marita Greenidge

First Schick and now this....hmmm people are really pushing the envelope with advertising nowadays or am I also just an old fogie at age 26?

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