"Kids Today..." Or, Am I an Old Fogie Marketer?
Summertime means travel: hey, let's go on a Voyij

Let the fun begin

Eyes on the worldForget the recession.

Forget the banks and their blatant disrespect for their customers (yes, Bank of America, I'm talking about you.)

Forget that it's spring and you'd rather be boating or camping or hiking or just walking the dog.

Instead, think...about...the first snow of November 2009. That's right. Think about Christmas. Christmas will be here before you know it and you'll be wondering why you aren't prepared.

No, I'm not trying to put a damper on summer, or turn you away from enjoying your holiday. Instead...

I'm nudging you to prepare for the future, as if the future were already here. It's basic marketing and it works. Summer, as an 'event', has nothing on Christmas. Happy_three_grins

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas doesn't matter. During November and December the public is geared up for spending. If we are still in a recession, pundits will be telling you everyone is going to spend X% less than last year, when they spent X% less than the year before. You'll be receiving notices in your email box, on the blogs you read, and throughout Twitter, about the tough economy throwing dirt all over the red and green sparkles that make up the winter holiday season. And, if you haven't prepared yourself, you'll be believing all that nonsense. (yes, I know...we all have less to spend and will likely spend less of it; or ... will we?)

How about this...how about you live in the now that is full of good cheer, full of camaraderie, full of children giggling in expectation, and full of the sense of family we all thought we were missing - in those days before 9/11. How about you get out the holiday decorations and start campaigning...without throwing holly on everything? Without snowing on anyone's picnic? Without starting every thought with, "Once this recession turns around..." How about you build community and welcome everyone to your business by handing out red bows, sparklers, coupons for movies, cookies, anything that says, Happy Day? 

Be full of cheer. Be full of happyness (yes, Will Smith got it right). Be creative - in figuring out how to celebrate the holidays that command a majority of our lives every year, but do it in the sun and warmth of June, July and August.

Deliver me from this lingering dull, depressing, darkness. Bring on the sparkle of July 4th, and keep it sizzling all summer long. Let the fun begin - with you.


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