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Summertime means travel: hey, let's go on a Voyij

Eyes on the world Those who know me well know that...I'm a homebody. A hermit. Completely content to see exciting places on my TV. I have no need to visit them.

But...I seem to be a party of one, for the most part. Other people - intelligent people - don't buy my, "The out of doors is exactly where it belongs (outdoors) and it should only stay there. That's why God gave us windows - so we could admire it from the comfort of our heated or air-conditioned homes."

Other people like to travel, so they say...

It's my understanding they do this for "fun"...as opposed to being given no choice options by their boss. Ok, that being the case, I was alerted recently to a new travel site that is just perfect for women. Because women, as is their way, are in charge of most travel plans for their family or group. Cruises, or trips to Rome, or some other exotic place - sometimes in with each other (girl friend smarts, in tow), sometimes by themselves, oh my!

The new site, Voyij.com - thanks to Renee Blodgett for this scoop - offers us "the best stuff at the bottom of the bargain bin." That means... when we're ready to book that trip to our daughter's home in Colorado (dang, I already had it booked before I learned about Voyij)...we can go to this site and "Voyij provides comprehensive filtering for what is important to each individual person, including dates, stars, location, activites, price and more. Unlike other sites that may list random deals, Voyij quickly finds offers that match your exact criteria."Voyij-travel-site

Whew. I'm out of breath now. That was a big sentence. And...I'm startled by the reference to "stars"... maybe Voyij offers travel to Mars? Or, maybe they'll tell us when the sky is going to be most beautiful... Greece or London or the Caribbean? Or, maybe they help us plan trips to...Hollywood???

I suggest a visit to the site. It's worth a look-see, click around, put it through its paces. Heaven knows, we ladies need a site that delivers the "deals" including "last minute specials, sales, promotional rates and excess (undersold) inventory." We need a travel site that gets us the "hot destinations" for a deal... whether it's beach vacations, family vacations or...Fishing vacations??? (that's what it says on the site - say, gals, do you fish?)

If Voyij delivers, come on back and share with your girl friends so we can all have a great travel planning experience.


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