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Surprise! Sex Sells (To Women)

Images By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter

"The lure of Hugh Jackman, particularly for women, helped propel the 'X-Men' spinoff to an $87-million opening weekend. That's not super high for a superhero film, but female interest may give it legs."
(Hugh Jackman's 'Wolverine No. 1 at the Box Office.")

Well, let me just say, "Duh!"  It still amazes me that men are still amazed that women like to look at good-looking men.  Many advertisers continue to slap around pink paint and fill their ads with stereotyped "Mom" references, thinking that covers "marketing to women."  (Personally, my only complaint about Wolverine is that Ryan Reynolds didn't get more on-screen, off-shirt time. He's the reason I've watched Blade Trinity about a dozen times...) 

So, yes, women enjoy looking at Hugh Jackman (and Ryan Reynolds...and Brad Pitt...and...) But, you know the sexiest thing about the Jackman?  It ain't his six pack. 

As a friend noted (as we were anxiously waiting for Australia to start - mediocre movie, great shower scene),  the reason Jackman is so deeply attractive is that....wait for it...he's happily married to a normal-looking pretty woman (No Angelina there).  And, he seems to like her. He scruffily schleps around, running errands with the fam on weekends, just like the rest of us.  He frequently references Deb (his wife) in his interviews and makes jokes at his expense. 

Sure, healthy hetero women enjoy looking at boy toy eye candy.  However,  we LOVE real men, with real lives.  We want to think they're good guys. And, that's why Hugh Jackman is the sexiest man alive (at least this year.) There's a person behind those pecs.  

...on the other hand, I also love watching oh-so-sexy Alec Baldwin, who's way past his Greek God days.  Ah, that "marketing to women" thing is so complicated, ain't it?  


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Holly Buchanan

"There's a person behind those pecs."

that's why I love you mary - always quotable.

a big Amen Sister!

Mary Schmidt

...and then there's Ed Asner (?!)

Yvonne DiVita

Nice job, Mary. The idea that women are complicated is so - surprising, right? Well, as we all know, men find women terribly hard to understand...because they don't really take time to try. At least, most don't.

Men like Hugh Jackman are strong, masculine, and so sexy...ladies swoon - for all the right reasons. As noted in your post.

Other men that are sexy, for similar reasons: John Travolta, Sean Connery, and Anthony Hopkins. IMHO. Bet that last one surprises a lot of people.

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