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7 Secrets of Happy and Successful Life Directors

Eyes on the world If you haven't met Sandra Heinzelmann, you're missing out on some outstanding business advice and coaching. I don't say this lightly - she comes highly recommended by my own client and author, Dr. Susan L. Reid. So says, Dr. Reid, "A power-shot of inner wisdom that will catapult your success!"

There is no doubt that we all need a catapult, today. I'm watching CNN drone on and on about Barnie Madoff and his 150 years in jail (somehow, while his victims are happy about that, I find it ridiculous, why don't they just say, "For the rest of your life."?) It's a joy, then, to turn my attention to Sandra and her 7 Secrets. 

Sandra was kind enough to send me her book about a year ago. This was one book I looked forward to, but in the haste of many other projects, the 7 Secrets of Happy and Successful Life Directors got misplaced, until recently. Maybe it's Fate - because this is the most important time of my life, and of yours. Today...right you read this post. It's the most important time of your life because it's time to be accountable...and to stand up and make the things you've always wanted to happen, happen.

Sandra Heinzelmann can help you. She's taken the idea of "creating your lifetime movie" by showing you how to use "genre, script, cast, light, tone, balance and your Director's Cut" to move forward and achieve results.

It isn't just about results, though. Sandra isn't just about results. We hear that buzz word all the time and it's lost its effectiveness, IMHO. Truth is - it's about YOU...and Sandra is about You. I'm so impressed with her approach and the way she uses words - to paint that picture that is uniquely yours (or mine)...with active ways to overcome outer-directedness, by tapping into your inner director. After all, Sandra directs her life - from a place of expertise as she is a former TV director. Sandra-Heinzelmann

Someone once told me that the best thing an entrepreneur can do is understand that you are the CEO of your life - and that stuck with me for a long time. But, with Sandra, I'm learning that I can be the Director of my life! How much more exciting is that? I can direct my actions, even my thoughts, and learn how to be powerful - something I maintain women are, by default.

And yet, I forget sometimes that we don't use always that power for ourselves - instead we direct it at our family (for their happiness), at our friends (for their benefit), at our 7-Secrets-of-Happy-and-Successful-Life-Directors colleagues and co-workers (for their use)... gradually weakening ourselves.

Let Sandra teach you how, first by reading her book, 7 Secrets of Happy and Successful Life Directors, the better to learn those 7 secrets (rather than having me tell them to you) and then, by allowing Sandra to coach you out of those negative thoughts being thrown at you by news anchors or well-meaning friends and family. Direct your own life. It's a journey you need to take, now... in preparation for all the happiness to come.



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