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Join...join...join...I'm done, already! Go join yourself!

Eyes-on-the-world I'm in sunny (well, mostly sunny, they are experiencing a lot of storms this year) Colorado with beautiful mountain views - at least Tom tells them there are beautiful mountain views, I, myself do not care to look at the mountains. They look mighty foreboding to me!

We have a houseful. There's my daughter and her husband and my so delightful granddaughter, who is much more beautiful than the mountain views, and two dogs. Two noisy, rambunctious, out of control, dogs. Am I complaining - no way! I'm having the time of my life!

While I'm here, I'm also working. When your work is Internet based, you never leave it behind. Even when you'd like to. As I work, checking and answering client emails, or invitations from PR firms to promote their clients...regardless of whether or not their clients are people I'd like to promote (hint: you can refer to me by name all you want, but if you ask me to promote a conference that has no clear female keynote, it's clear you don't know me and I'm not mentioning your conference on my blog), I do stop now and then and check out the twitter pages or websites/blogs of my bestest blog buddies.

I'm happy to say that blogs are still going strong. Blogs by the famous, and blogs by the not so famous. Blogs create conversations and even scoop reporters, sometimes. Blogs are the tools of engagement that bring client and consultant closer together. Unless...

...the consultant is a big blowhard. I'm sorry. If you noticed the title of this post, you knew this was coming. I received an email this week that announced in big loud terms, yes, even in text I can tell when someone is shouting...that So-and-so had just launched a blog! OMG! I felt like I was supposed to jump up and down and do cartwheels.

While I'm actually happy about this new blog - the PR announcing it might have been better. My dear friend Susan would get a real kick out of this. The "noise" was blinding. You know, unnecessary pictures, lots of PRspeak, that kind of stuff. The link offered took me to a page that required me to click another link...which took me to a page showing the blogger and asking me to "join" for more information on the blog.

Excuse me...just to read the blog I have to "join" your ... whatever you're calling it? I can't merely click your blog link and read? You require membership for your blog?Town hall

Ok, this isn't the first blog to do this. I've seen others., I have not joined any of them. In fact, if your blog requires me to "join" in order to leave a comment, I don't do that, either. Blogging isn't about joining anything. It's about talking to people. It's about community - like the free community center where you might have to buy your own drink, if there's an event you're attending but the community center itself is free and open to the public because it's there to allow people a place to meet and talk.

So, least, I assume you're a friend, you correctly addressed the email you sent me and I do know who you are... I'll pass on joining your blog. I have other blogs and social media friends to visit... CYA around. Maybe.


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jordan shoes

Many people are working in this field … well, most of them will fail.

jordan shoes

Many people are working in this field … well, most of them will fail.


Hi Yvonne,
The title of your post came up on in my feeds and it was so recognizable, it made me click (and smile!) instantly.

My world, do I agree! Join this, join that, sign up here, sign up there! And that's not counting the blogs who have now picked up on the "join us" trend!

all the best,

Dr. Wright

Glad to hear I am not the only person to refuse to join a blog because I want to leave a comment. It's silly and I want to read a blog when I want to read it.

When you said JOIN I almost thought you were talking about all the crazy NING invitations you get to join a site.

That is a different story for another day!

and no, getting a blog is not news!
and no, no, I am not interested in going to a seminar with no women speakers or no speakers of color, not even for free!

Dr. Wright
The Wright Place TV Show

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