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No, duh!

Eyes-on-the-world Once again we have major media announcing the obvious: according to this article, "Moms Wield Powerful Influence Online" over at eMarketing & Commerce, "Moms have become a force to be reckoned with online."

No offense to the author, Joe Keenan, but... really, now, what planet have you been living on? MOMS have always been a force to be reckoned with and they've been a growing force online for over five years (I mean, really now - isn't that what I wrote in my book, Dickless Marketing? Yes, it is!)

 It isn't merely "Moms" that are powerful online. It's women, in general. I like to say we're all Moms of a sort - some of us are Moms of a Golden Retriever, or a beautiful mixed breed dog, or a purriful cat, or an alligator, I don't know. Some of us are Moms by default - sisters that take care of our nieces and nephews - when our siblings need a weekend off. Some of us are Moms who ache for children of our own but, in that absence, mother everyone around us - at work, at the gym, at the grocery store.

Women are Moms at the core...we organize the kids and Dad for church on Sunday (are you getting deja vu...because I've said this all before; why don't the major media sites pay attention?), we gather our girlfriends together for coffee klatches where we try on jewelry or lingerie or make-up, and we take care of our parents, when they need it. In short, we walk the dog, vacuum the pool, get the car serviced, and anything else that needs doing... regardless of our title - none of what we do for the economy requires us to be Moms, the way the advertisers consider us 'moms'.

The article cites Wal-Mart's Elevenmoms group (please, I find Walmart so painful to shop at; just this My-blog-spark-from-General-Mills week I went to one here in Erie, CO and I will never go back!), as well as General Mills' MyBlogSpark, which sounds interesting to me - I'll hop over and check it out after I finish this post. They missed the Mommy bloggers here, and here...but okay, the point of the matter is - it isn't MOMS...it's WOMEN! I love TwitterMoms, and the Blogher Moms, and all Moms...I AM A MOM! But, before I was a Mom, I was a woman!

So, to the women out there who do all the things cited in that article, congrats, the world is taking notice. To brands and major media, if you really want to reach this market, stop running surveys and asking questions and just communicate with us! We'd LOVE to talk to you! Visit us where we hang out and join the conversation. THEN...you can ask us how to pitch us better.

Hint: find our niche. Don't reach out to us in large groups - reach out to the small groups, who are connected to the large groups. That's called Word of Mouth and we're fabulous at it!


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