Some of this Year's Father's Day Promotions
The Human Single Point of Failure

The Think Big Manifesto: A Podcast with Michael Port

This podcast is extremely important. It's a bit longer than some others - a full 15 minutes. But, you can have it playing while you blog or Twitter. You can listen to it a few minutes at a time. The important thing is for you to listen to it - all of it.

Michael Port isn't new - you probably all know who he is. From his Booked Solid and Beyond Booked Solid advice, to his latest, The Think Big Manifesto, Michael Port has been helping small business learn to focus on the details that count. In this podcast here's what counts:

Small thinking = small ideas. Give that up.
Thinking Big, winning, doesn't require a loser. We can all be winners. (yes, we can)
In the book and this podcast you'll learn about the One-Way Revolution that gives to everyone, and takes from no one.
And, among all the rest (yes,there is a lot of 'all the rest') Michael will urge you to Stand for Something...Listen up...


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