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A shout out to my new blogger friends from Blogher

Eyes on the world There is no way I can share ALL the excitement that went on at Blogher. I would have to write a post a day for a month, or more. But, I can share some thoughts about great women I met there - and some of my feedback on the sessions I attended.

So, first...shout outs to some excellent bloggers - with links to their blogs. DO stop over and visit and read them. You will be so glad you did. I know that there is nothing better than communicating and connecting with strong, outspoken women on blogs. Women not only with a message to share, but with a purpose in mind- a purpose such, empowering other women. It doesn't get any better than that.

Paula Gregorowicz - I doubt Paula knows how flattered I was that she approached me on the first day and mentioned my blog. I got to talk with Paula later on, and was so glad that I did. Her calm demeanor was just part of her focus - she is full of good thoughts and advice. And, I love her Inspiring Image of the Week blog posts. Ladies, she's here for you. Check her out.

Barb D - one of the women who sat near me during the session on Leadership: Owning Your Expertise (led by Kathie Orenstein of the Opt-Ed Project), inspired me to think differently about who I am and how I communicate - by sharing the story of who she is and how confused she is - to be in the world as a smart woman, but a bit unsure of where she fits in. Who-does-she-think-she-is

Her openness and honesty was indicative of the Blogher conference as a whole, but this time - I felt a connection I don't often feel. Because Barb D and I are of the same generation, and I was where she is, not that long ago. You MUST go to THIS POST and watch the video. You MUST! And, then, thank Barb for sharing it, please.

I also sat next to a truly funny blogger - and was so impressed that her daughter had added different sayings to each of her businesscards, I wanted to kick myself because my daughters are talented and wonderful and full of spirit, too - but they don't involve themselves in my blog world. In fact, they are pretty content living their own lives and letting me live mine, and no matter how hard I push, they just won't blog. <sigh>

Now, all I can tell you about Madame Halushki is that she is funny, in print - not so much in person. She was coy and subtle and open and helpful, but not so funny. Maybe it was the leadership session - doesn't lend itself to being funny, and all. Anyway, she is funny. I LOVE her blog, and you will too. Get over there and have a good laugh today. [how embarrassed am I that I did not even write down her REAL name? She will forever be Madame Halushki to me.]

Lori MacKenzie - is the third person who participated in our small group, at the Op-Ed project session. She's from Stanford. Yep, THAT Stanford. That does mean she's smart. She's smart. And, oh, did I mention - she's smart? Not that you aren't smart. Or that I'm not smart. Or that any of the other women I talk about aren't smart. We're all smart. But, we're not employed by the gender studies at Stanford. Now, that's taking smart to another level. IMHO

Here's the scoop - Lori is so smart, she showed the rest of us how WE could be smart, too. She's taken the Op-Ed class - so, she knew how to phrase our "I'm an expert because..." statement to give us the most bang for our buck. She was friendly, happy, funny, delightful, and smart. Did I mention she was smart? I am so thrilled that she sat right behind me, so I could be part of the group she was in.

And there you have it. Four women who have made a difference in my life. Just by being what they are - women supporting other women. Wow.


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Paula G

I'm honored to have made your list of folks you really enjoyed meeting! I'm glad to have met you as well...it's so cool to finally meet someone you have been reading in person.

Thanks for sharing the "Who Does She Think She Is?" link. OMG awesome. I must find a way to see this movie.

I agree with you - I could post and post and post.. I am slowly getting there.

Jozet at Halushki

It's true that I'm a tad more sane (i.e. not so funny) in public, but not usually as not-funny as when you met me. Erem...I'm embarrassed to admit that I was suffering from way too many gin and tonics the night before. The most important lesson I learned at BlogHer: my limit is 2.

Anyway, I absolutely loved the Op-Ed session, and you were all very gracious and helpful with your feedback. I'm usually starstruck by any woman who has an alphabet of degrees behind her name, or who has written a book, or even anyone who knows what to do with their hair other than throw it into a ponytail and pray. You were all amazing, smart, very smart, and down-to-earth.

It was a pleasure to meet you! And, thanks for the shout out and for looking up my blog!

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