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Blogher - Here I Come!

Eyes on the world It's that time of the year. Blogher time of the year. On July 23-26th Blogher bloggers and sponsors and people interesting in marketing to women will all convene in Chicago and talk...women and ads. Among other things.

I am one of the speakers on a panel of great gals who will discuss publishing - in a world where writing a book may seem too far-fetched. I join self-publishing marketing expert, Penny Sansiervi (whom I have been dying to meet for ... at least 3 years) and author, blogger Stefanie Wilder Taylor, who promises to have a lot of great information to share about blogging and publishing. Together, we will discuss that ever mysterious topic: writing, publishing, writing, blogging, writing, writing, writing - with intent to publish.

Will you be there? I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to meet you, if you are planning to attend. Let me just say that this is THE event of the year. It's more than a conference, it's a gathering - of women from all walks of life. Women with talents to inspire and educate, talents to teach and share, talents flowing from their fingertips through their keyboard, and onto their blogs and twitter pages.

You will see this conference well represented on Twitter and Facebook, so if you can't make it - stay tuned to your computer. You will not be disappointed.

If you're interested in learning more about the conference, you can visit this link at Blogher, or ask away in comments on this blog. I live to serve.

p.s. I'm a Blogher gal from waaayyy back! I knew Jory and Elisa and Lisa Founders-of-Blogher(Lisa not so much) back when Blogher was just a girlfriend's discussion of how to bring women bloggers together. These women have accomplished such phenomenal success, through a LOT of hard, hard work - it's a pleasure being part of this conference, once again. I can only say that Blogher is what being a woman blogger is all about.

And, I hope I do them justice while I'm there. It just may be the launchpad of the NEW Lip-sticking. You all hang around, now...ya hear?


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