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Cetaphil's Comfortable in My Skin Contest Engages Women

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Here's a brand that is definitely marketing to women online and has done, what I think, a great job with this latest interactive promotion.

The Cetaphil brand is a line of skin care products that I'm sure most of us women are familiar with since the products have been around for quite some time. They claim to be the #1 dermatologist and pediatrician recommended brand of cleansers and moisturizers. They recently launched the the Comfortable in My Skin campaign that includes an interactive, online contest.

Cetaphil_Comfortable_In_My_ This promotion is another example of a brand inviting consumers to create fun and personalized user-generated content (UGC) around the brand. However this one takes it another step further and then encourages them to share the content by providing easy ways to make it viral through their social networks and websites.

First they ask entrants to explain where and what makes them feel the most comfortable in their skin by completing the sentence “I feel comfortable in my skin when I am…”.

Next participants are asked to select what paradise vacation spot they would choose as their getaway from a choice of Marriott & Renaissance Caribbean & Mexico Resort destinations. They then have to select a Kate Spade getaway bag and fill it with their favorite Cetaphil products and any other items that they'd like to take along with them. I'm already dreaming of where I would want to go just by writing about this!

The last step involves having them share their content via widgets, blogs, IM, email and other options and then invites them to review and vote on other content that has been submitted.

So you probably get it now...the grand prize winner will receive a seven day, four person getaway to the paradise destination they choose along with a Kate Spade bag and $500 American Express® gift card to purchase the selected getaway items to but in the bag.

So here how it works: 

The contest is judged in two rounds. In the first, prizes will be given to the top ten finalists (who then advance to round two), to the five most viral entries and to eight sweepstakes winners who will be picked at random. In Round 2 (which begins on Aug. 27 and ends on Oct. 8.) a panel of judges will select the grand prize winner from the ten finalists, as well as one runner-up, and four sign-up sweepstakes winners will randomly be chosen to receive additional prizes.

The contest started back on June 22, so its now been live for a full month and as of today there are over 500 entries, 10,000 reviews, 15,000 votes and 120,000 views.

Cetaphil_EntriesSo I was curious to see how this really works and how complicated it was. The contest is powered by a platform developed by a company called Brickfish. This platform is currently being used by many different brands who are integrating user-generated content into their marketing campaigns. It a great way to host a contest that invites the public to vote for the winners.

I did have to create a Brickfish account first in order to submit my entry which was a bit annoying. However, they didn't ask too many questions, so it was pretty simple. Now I have a username and password I can use for any future promotions that are powered by Brickfish.

I created my entry in which I choose St. Kitts as my destination from the choices it gave me. My husband and I went there together a year or so after we were married and experienced some of the best snorkeling I have ever done. So we'd love to return again. I then went through and added all the other things to my Kate Spade bag and I also was able to upload a photo that expresses when I feel comfortable in my skin. This did take some time, but it was fun and fairly user friendly.

Once submitted I then got to choose how I want to share my entry. First choice is to grab the code and embed the creation into a website, blog or forum. Here it is.

Next I was given the option to post it on Facebook and Twitter, which I did, and also to email it to anyone I wish. There are also ways to post it on MySpace, MyYearbook, Xanga, Tagged, and others as well.

Now the Most Viral Winners will be awarded based on the entry that gets the most attention across the Internet. When on the entries page you can click on a specific one to view it and you will see a viral ranking to the right of the entry. You can decide if you want to vote on it or not. So you can help make mine viral by clicking on the view button in the above widget and then if you're so inclined the share button as well. Don't forget to vote for me however there are some really creative entries from those that I viewed that makes mine look pretty dull.

I have been saying now for the past two years that there is a tremendous opportunity for brands and marketers to connect with consumer by incorporating these interactive, chance to win promotions with social media. So now it seems everyday I'm reading about another brand who has a sweepstakes or giveaway promotion that is incorporating social media. The Wall Street Journal even ran this article earlier this week on how popular they've become on Twitter.

There are some promotions like this one that are truly engaging and fun for consumers and of course others that don't make any sense at all. So I'll be writing about many of them here on Lipsticking and on my blog as well. If you come across any that you think are engaging women in a positive way (or in a really negative way) please pass it along.


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