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Major Catastrophe or Minor Inconvenience - Which is it?

Eyes on the world Some years ago I came across this advice but, sadly, I don't remember where. I only remember that it hit me like a ton of bricks and I've embraced it, ever since.

Your daily life is one of two things: it's either a major catatrophe or a minor inconvenience.

Think about that - think about your day and how it's going, and very carefully consider the advice above: is what's happening at this moment a major catastrophe or a minor inconvenience? How much of your life is filled with major catastrophes? Minor conveniences?

Most of my life is filled with minor inconveniences. The fact that I have two articles due and I can't seem to get to them, is not a major catastrophe. It's a minor inconvenience and it may just be a symptom of my time-management skills.

Last summer my Dad was in the hospital and had his gall bladder removed - just in time, the Dr. said. It was so badly infected, it could have killed him. We spent a lot of time with him in the hospital (he's 82 and has Alzheimer's) and we drove back and forth from Binghamton every weekend, for awhile. One might consider that a major catastrophe was a minor inconvenience. My Dad recovered nicely, he is doing well now, and I would not trade the time we got to spend with him for anything in the world. The catastrophe was averted, and the rest was minor inconvenience.

Did you miss a phone call today? An important one - from a possible client, a real client, or your mother? How did that color your day? Did the world stop? I doubt it. Therefore, whatever it the end, it was a minor inconvenience.

Is your launch of that new  product lagging behind by a month or two? Have plans been waylaid by one thing or another? Are you wondering how your bank account will survive, if you don't complete that newMOM-COOKING proposal or sign that pending contract?

What if none of those "important" things happen...when you want them to? What will you do?

My advice is to move on and recognize that these are minor inconveniences. If your health is not affected, if your family is still together and safe, if your house is in one piece, (we are having a new roof put on, and tho it was totally unexpected, I'm glad it happened NOW, before we list the house, rather than have a buyer hire an inspector and be told the roof is in shambles!), you have much to be thankful for. Hold on to that and be glad most of life really is minor inconvenience, not major catastrophe. So,don't worry, be happy.

For the parts that are major catastrophe - gather family and friends and work through it. That's when the togetherness of many arms, many voices, tears and hugs, are the only medicine that works.

Otherwise, get up, stop whining, do what needs doing, and create positive results out of all minor inconveniences. It's what entrepreneurs do.


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Sybil Stershic

Thanks for this post, Yvonne, it's truly timely (and timeless). I find myself overwhelmed with a great many "minor inconveniences" workwise these days ... but in the scheme of things they're just "minor". Thanks for helping me put it in perspective.

Yvonne DiVita

Wendy, I've read that amazing story. It probably colored my view of the world and helped me accept that most of what happens in MY life is just a minor inconvenience. Thanks for sharing that - it's a perfect example!


I totally agree---I'm at the National Speakers Assn in Phoenix and heard a life changing talk by Nando Parrado---a survivor of the plane crash in the Andes Mountains....the film "Alive." Every day is a gift and the most important things in life--your family and friends must be treasured every day. Check out his book- "Miracle in the Andes." You'll realize a minor inconvenience doesn't make a bad day.They spent 72 days and 72 nights working as a team--fighting for life.

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