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Stiletto Woman: Embracing New Ideas

Eyes on the world Today I have the pleasure of sharing a stimulating interview with a new site that aims to do a lot of what we do, right here, at Lip-sticking. I share this because I believe in working with my sisters, not against them. These gals are on the right track and I applaud the work they're doing. They are Stiletto Woman - and our little blog is one stop on their blog tour. Here is their story:

Yvonne: Love your title, Stiletto Woman - but the thought makes my feet hurt! Should women wear their stilettos to work, or just save them for special occasions? Seriously, why did you choose that image, that concept, as your brand?

It's powerful but...will it resonate with women who don't wear stilettos anymore? Stiletto Woman Cover

Stiletto Woman: Such a great question! Stiletto Woman is more than the shoes you wear. It’s really about a mindset—a way of thinking, a way of living. Our manifesto is Be Fulfilled! Be Empowered! Be You! Stilettos represent the courage, and willingness to create your own path—to be pioneering in all you do at every level.

You don’t have to wear a Prada bag on your shoulder to be fabulous. You don’t have to run a multi-million dollar business to be recognized. You don’t have to shower your children with gifts and live in a big house to be a great mommy. If you have those things, we celebrate you too, because you are an inspiration to those who desire to achieve what you have, nevertheless it’s not a defining factor to the happiness one can achieve.

Stilettos also represent our sense of style. To us being a mother, a wife, a student . . . or whatever your life causes you to be, doesn’t mean you forget about yourself. Organizationally, we have a hip and original approach to all we do. Having a full life doesn’t keep you from pampering yourself, enjoying life, or being fabulous—not in material things necessarily, but in self-worth and self-love.

At times, you may hear us mention “Stiletto-Fab”. To us, that simply signifies a women doing what she does, well. She’s happy. She’s true to herself. She’s a bit of an inspiration to us all. Now, if you happen to wear stilettos, then you’re in good company, because you can usually find us in a nice pair!

Yvonne: Where does diversity fit in the Stiletto brand? Women as a group are so diverse, how will you keep that diversity fresh, energetic, and obvious?

Stiletto Woman: Diversity is the heartbeat of our brand. Just like stilettos—they come in all prices, styles, colors, and heights. We don’t define diversity solely through ethnicity, or in the range of women featured, but also in the types of businesses, web sites, and blog sites showcased. You won’t find many large corporations or illustrious personalities mentioned. We deliberately profile authentic Stiletto-Mag women you might not hear about every day.

That’s why we say real women. We want to depict what women truly look like, and who they are personally. We are so multi-talented. If we don’t show the range of our talents, and the scope of our reach, then we’d be doing our readers and supporters a disservice.

Keeping it fresh is an ongoing endeavor, just as keeping our magazine and message relevant. Therefore, we’re constantly working at it! We don’t intend to let diversity or any other element of our brand become stagnant. Well, we know there are times when that will occur, but our multiplicity will remain a focal point, because it’s the core of who we are—every day women.

Yvonne: Why do you think women are so powerful on the net? Where will women lead the coming generations - using sites like yours? Will our sons "get it"... or will they drift back into those old days of the 20th century when Dick and Jane ruled?

Stiletto Woman: We’re powerful because life has changed. Women are redefining their roles because they have to. Our circumstances aren’t like those of the women that came before us, so to survive, to make life work, we have to change.

Hopefully women can see that anything is possible—that life has a way of twisting things upside down, but that you have the opportunity to adjust, and make it work to your benefit. In the next year, we intend to launch a project that will begin to reach young girls and encourage them to live empowered at early ages. We’re taking an active stance on helping the next generation of women.

Our boys, sure they’ll get it. But that affect is largely impacted by the women in their lives. The 20th century is gone. We have the responsibility to raise both our boys and girls to embrace new ideas, and new opportunities to make life fulfilling.

Yvonne: What makes you different than, say, iVillage?

Stiletto Woman: We don’t view iVillage as our competitor. We have something completely different to offer. Stiletto Woman is NOT your typical networking community, or women’s portal, or mommy site! Don’t get the wrong impression, each of those things are valuable and meet the unique needs of women today. However, we set out to offer something unique . . . something tangible. While interacting with women online is important to us, reaching women at the local level is equally necessary. So stay tuned to find out what things Stiletto Woman can help you do in your community to engage women.

We don’t have a multi-million dollar profit margin. We address matters from a holistic perspective. We talk candidly. We want to represent the voice you may not hear about. Empowered is not just a statement or mantra we live by . . . it’s so much more than that!

We talk about what you encounter every day, from fashionable rain boots, your dream job, and learning to breastfeed—to the diet industry, saving for college, relieving a hangover, and hot finds. The range of topics is endless. It’s not just “mommy” talk, or “entrepreneur” talk, its real talk! We discuss real issues—real life.

Stiletto Woman doesn’t just TALK about women empowerment—we live it—we value it—we shout it daily!

Yvonne: Leave us with your favorite quote - one that gets women fired up and ready to succeed, regardless of economic woes. Wow us...

Stiletto Woman: One of our favorite quotes is by Claude M. Bristol, which states “Every person is the creation of himself, the image of his own thinking and believing. As individuals think and believe, so they are.” We see this as . . . the only limitation you have are those you create. How you “think” can significantly impact who you become. We all have the power to challenge our negative circumstances. If you think failure, it can easily consume you. If you think and live fulfilled, that can then determine the life you lead.

Yvonne: Love that! As you think, so you are. Powerful. Readers, you need to check out Stiletto Woman for yourself. And, I'll share this with you - Lip-sticking is preparing for some new big things on that same level as our sisters, Stiletto Woman - stay tuned. Remember - it's women together. The WE is all important.


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Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the dumb understand.

Stiletto Woman

Hello Yvonne! Thank you for featuring us on Lipsticking! We had a great time, and enjoyed the interview! We can't wait to see the changes you'll be implementing soon! Very exciting! See you on twitter!

Thanks Again!
Stiletto Woman

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