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Eyes on the world This is another post on the triathlon event called "Iron Girl". I wrote about this in June because I'm so impressed with the idea and the focus. It's a true leadership development process, and I only wish I were 20 years younger so I could participate. Now, Andy, my new best friend in PR, will likely say I can participate regardless of my age - but, he's as excited about Iron Girl as I am, so he's not likely to agree with anyone who says she can't do an Iron Girl event.

Here's the reason it's good for Lip-sticking - it's about being active, truly active - in life and thought. It's about girls - and Moms. It's about strength and power and achievement. All the things that are GOOD and RIGHT about being a woman entrepreneur in today's rich marketplace. Judy Mojjj

But, let's hear what Judy Molnar says about it - Iron Girl is her story if it's anyone's story:

Yvonne: Why Iron Girl?Judy-Molnar-HeadShot

Judy:  Iron Girl has the unique brand position to offer a strong, yet feminine focus to empower women to get moving. The name, Iron Girl, gives women a different outlook for the mind, body and spirit through sport. Iron Girl represents a new, fresh edge for women and their pursuit of an active, balanced and healthy lifestyle. Iron Girl will address their needs and fuel their souls with products for women by women and events that embrace that same spirit and determination.

Yvonne: Why not a different brand name that separates you from Ironman?

Judy: We like being connected to Ironman, as it is a premier event-based brand and has a rich history in the sport of triathlons. Through this connection, Iron Girl has an instant credibility and recognition by being a part of the World Triathlon Corporation family that includes Ironman. The word “Girl” in the name Iron Girl demonstrates youth, vibrancy and health, which are qualities the brand embodies. An Iron Girl is a woman who balances fun and femininity with strength and dedication to achieve her personal best.

Yvonne: Your icon depicting Iron Girl is unique - how did you choose the design and color?

Judy: Our symbol’s name is Grace. We worked on a design that captures movement and catches your eye – you will notice that Grace is leaning as if in motion. The teal and dark pink colors were selected based on strong jewel tones. The story of Grace captures the spirit of Iron Girl because grace is in us all. It's what makes women heroic, charming and limitless. Grace is with us in difficult times and happy times, silly times and sad times. Grace is with us physically, mentally and emotionally. Grace is what makes women special, unique and strong. Grace acts with truth, beauty and spirit. Grace is within you, and you are Grace.

Yvonne: What does Iron Girl mean to YOU?

Judy: It is certainly more than just a job. It is my passion and it has allowed me to help women reach their goals. Iron Girl touches lives, which is most important to the Iron Girl team. We strive for Iron Girl to live beyond the finish line and into participants’ daily lives, knowing that each time a participant completes an event her life has changed. There are few times in life where you can say you are making a real difference in the lives of others; I know I am with Iron Girl.

Iron-Girl-logo Utilizing the Aflac Iron Girl events, we are able to make our voices heard while promoting the importance of wellness and leading a healthy, active lifestyle. The Aflac Iron Girl Event Series is one of the fastest growing all-women’s event series. Our events contribute to women’s overall health, but they also provide a sense of accomplishment and boost women’s self-esteem. Our overall mission at Iron Girl is to empower women toward a healthy lifestyle.

Yvonne: How old does a girl have to be, to begin her Iron Girl triathlon training?

Judy: At Iron Girl, our youngest age for participation is 14. We find that our sprint and longer distance courses would be too much for someone under the age of 14. Our ultimate goal is a safe and enjoyable event experience for all participants. 

Yvonne: Do you ever have Mother/Daughter teams? (do you even have teams?)

Judy: We do have Mother/Daughter teams at our running/walking events. This is an amazing bonding activity for mothers and daughters. We find the combination of a mother and daughter participating together provides a unique event experience. It gives them a goal to work toward, while becoming healthier together. There’s nothing better than putting the remote control down, leaving the cell phone behind and going for a walk or run together.

Yvonne: The site has a Give Back page, which I find inspiring. Tell us how you came to include that.

Judy: Iron Girl strives to give back in each of our event communities. Since the relaunch of Iron Girl as an event-based brand and not just apparel, we have set-up fundraising efforts that give back to those in need. Also we believe women find that extra inspiration and motivation comes from racing for something beyond their own needs.

Yvonne: What can Dads do to help their girls be part of Iron Girl? Find-your-inner-grace

Judy: Dads, brothers and sons can become great cheerleaders and lend their support. My dad was always there for me whether it was a basketball game, a 5th grade orchestra concert, or cheering me on at my first triathlon. Of course, my dad also flew to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, to watch me participate in the Ford Ironman World Championship. Support, support, support - girls need that growing up!

Yvonne: Where do you see this exciting and healthy event 5 years...10 years?

Judy: Our goal is to continue to grow in participation, touch more lives, introduce more fun new amenities to the events, and to move into new national markets and eventually into international communities.

You can follow Iron Girl on Twitter: @TheIronGirl


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