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United Breaks Guitars: A Great Video from the Sons of Maxwell Group

And people ask me (with funny looks on their faces) why I hate to fly (no, it isn't because I'm 'afraid' to fly): Here's why...

(you gotta love this video, and think back to the last time an airline lost your luggage, or damaged it, or just plain didn't care that they screwed up the timing on your itinerary and you ran like hell across the airport to make your connection...and failed, only to be greeted by, "Well, we'll try to get you on the next flight out. Let me see...yes, that's tomorrow morning at 5 a.m." )

Puh-lease! If we can drive there, that's what Tom and I do. Airlines are totally out of control and I do not want to give them any more of my business than I have to. (a shout out to Bruce Peters for sending the video along)



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