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A Little Link Love on a Wednesday

Eyes on the world Tuesdays used to be my Fit by Five day. I would write five tips that readers could use to reach the women's market online. I've moved away from that - perhaps wrongly so, but there are numerous places to get tips today, not the least of which is using Twitter.

Today isn't Tuesday, you're thinking - and I know that. But this post is similar to a Fit by Five post, a hankering back to those olden days (if there is such a thing on the net), where I can offer some advice and insight by sharing 5 ways to connect with women. Instead of offering tips, however, I'm going to share Link Love. Here are five sites and blogs that can offer substantial information about women and how they shop.

The Women Entrepreneurs Blog at Simon is comprised of a group of professional women who are a bit new to blogging, but not new to doing business. Today's post on Bootstrapping is a good one, written by a woman who has stories to share. And good advice for entrepreneurs.

In Women We Trust author, Mary Hunt, writes about eco-friendly living and being green, from a woman's perspective. When she called on us to publish her book, several years ago, we were honored. Since then, Mary has taken charge of this topic and is one of the top go-to people for talking, being, and living green. You would do well to read her blog.Soccer Mom Myth

For the really good information on women and how we shop, you have to visit Michele Miller's Wonderbranding blog. Michele knocks my socks off with her great content and her focus on women, and women's shopping habits. I was fortunate to take a marketing to women class with the fab Michele, and she was gracious enough to credit me with some insight in this area, also. Women like this are to be treasured. Check out her new site - and don't hesitate to get her book, The Soccer Mom Myth, written with Holly Buchanan.

For those who think men have the market in cars, you need to visit Ask Patty. Jody Devere is one smart cookie, and she started this site and blog long enough ago that you have to ask yourself: how did she manage to convince people that women play a big role in the auto industry? She (and her advisory panel) answers that question and many more, on the site and blog. Get with it - women and cars go together like peanut butter and jelly! Mmmmm!

Last, and not least, there's Susan Getgood. Susan has recently rocked the blogosphere with her Blog with Integrity program, started with two other fabulous bloggers, to keep the rest of us in check. Her badge is a testament to the true power and purpose of blogging, as I see it. Authentic, open, honest, and truthful (honest and truthful are different).

As a strong promoter of blog integrity, I will tell you now - these women are friends of mine. Each one has helped me in some way - to be a better blogger, to grow my business, or to learn the ropes in this mysterious world of marketing to women online. I promote them not only because they are friends, but because they are smart, talented, and they work with integrity.

Lots of links to explore. They are all worth your time. Get moving...


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Coree Silvera

Great list of ladies to follow! I recently interviewed Michele Miller from Wonder Branding about her book and her success. I was surprised when I asked her about HER mentors..wasn't the typical answer women would expect. But made some good points.

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