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Eyes on the world This post is both about marketing to women online, and about being personal in your blogs. A lot of bloggers wonder "how much information is too much information?" and they error on the side of being all business when that's the focus of their blog.

This blog is about business. It's about doing business with women. It's about how women think and act and shop. And, if there is one thing about women that you need to understand, more than any other thing, it's that we like to get personal. Not with everyone - don't get me wrong. But, with the circle of friends who really mean something to us. On a blog, that can be a really big number. Or, it can be the select circle of readers who actually come, read, and comment...on a regular basis.

The rest - well, they're important, too. But, they're acquaintances that we hope to meet and form girlfriend relationships with, someday. And, we want to make sure we serve them by posting relevant content.

And that's what I'm doing today. I'm sharing some good content about marketing to women online, that just happens to be very personal.

Most folks know I'm engaged to Tom Collins. He's the techie part of Lip-sticking and Windsor Media Enterprises. And, he's the best darn man in the world! I would not be here, writing this, secure in my business, if Tom wasn't right by my side. (yes, that's his real name... you can ask him what his parents were thinking next time we're at a conference and you're there, too)

Well, I have an engagement ring...of sorts. My wonderful Tom wanted me to have something to wear on my finger - to show people how serious we are, so when you see me, you'll see my lovely engagement ring. But...and here's where the marketing to women comes in...he also wanted me to beAskDaveWest-the-jewelry-expert able to pick out my own ring. So, when we were fortunate enough to meet Dave West, an expert jewelry designer here in Rochester, and Dave hired us to help him learn to blog...I got to pick out a ring of my own.

Here's the really kewl part - Dave West is working hard on his blog, and he recently launched a new feature on his blog called "Create Customer Jewelry Online" where YOU, yes, YOU, can design your own jewelry and have Dave create it for you! If you hop over to the link in this paragraph you'll see the ring I a post Dave wrote just last week.

Maybe you'll disagree that I should have a new ring - one that I've chosen. But, it's always been my dream to have an oval diamond - not a round one or a pear shaped one, but an oval. And, that's what Dave West is giving me, because my Tom wants me to be happy.

That's how you combine the personal with the professional - and that's how life works. You get to work with a client that can provide added services to YOU, while you do your best to make sure your work with them is achieving the right goals. In this case, I hope you'll test out Dave's new venture of online jewelry creation. And, I hope you'll see that good, quality jewelry, made truly unique by a master jeweler, can be a dream come true. It is for me.

It can be, for you, too. Marketing to women online - some people get it, some don't. Dave West gets it. We are teaching him blogging, but he knows his market.

I don't think that's too much personal you?


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